Zombie Specific Ammo Manufactures – Zombie Max Ammo Targets the Undead

If the post-apocalyptic movies have taught us anything, it is that the balls are great long term investment. During a Zombie Apocalypse induced, the balls will be worth their weight arbitrary element we determine a value. On seeing a boom in the zombie survivalist-market niche, gunsmith Hornady has stepped forward to make a special line of ammunition specially designed to cope with the zombie threat.

Rather than go through a long process of research and development, the good people of Hornady seemed prudently decided the best course of action was to take the ammunition that they currently manufacture and put in a box with a picture of a zombie on it. Their idea is simple and brilliant. If they called for the sale of defective zombie ammo, there’s a very good chance that a complaint filed against them will probably not get very far. Besides, if the company has put much effort to make canned food because it has bullets, the collapse of civilization should not be as bad as we were led to believe it will.