It's unclear exactly how the Hinsdale House (as it's now known) came to be as haunted as it is now, but this story begins in the early 1970s when the Dandy family moved in.

Once we consider haunted buildings, we usually take into account locations like previous hospitals, prisons, and asylums to be the creepiest of all. Nevertheless, that’s not at all times the case. Take, for instance, this previous farmhouse within the city of Hinsdale, New York. It’s extensively thought of to beContinue Reading

The Silver Tree of Karakorum

Of all of the issues described in William of Rubruck’s account of his travels by way of Thirteenth-century Asia, maybe none is so hanging because the remarkably ornate fountain he encountered within the Mongol capital which — full with silver fruit and an angelic automaton — flowed with numerous alcoholicContinue Reading

2020 08 21 an unexpected party

In the end, after the three volumes have been efficiently launched, he grew to become what [C.S.] Lewis known as ‘cock-a-hoop’ and talked with nice enthusiasm of the destiny of the pirated paperback model and the astonishing progress of the Tolkien cult. He loved receiving letters in Elvish from boysContinue Reading