WTF way of collecting bees is this?

WTF way of collecting bees is this?

WTF way of collecting bees is this?

WTF way of collecting bees is this? from WTF

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32 thoughts on “WTF way of collecting bees is this?

  1. p1um5mu991er says:

    Dude is desperate to get an allowance

  2. “I found the queen and put her in a bee clip for safe keeping. I then put that clip in my mouth so the bees will transfer to the new hive.”

  3. Roborabbit37 says:

    Apparently a relatively safe way. Carry the queen and the rest will tag along as long as the queen doesn’t feel threatened.

    I’m no bee expert, that’s just what I’ve been led to believe on similar clips.

  4. ferretface99 says:

    Internships these days are rough.

  5. intensive-porpoise says:

    Dad?!? **DAD?!?!**

    *Follow my voice Son!*

  6. EreckDragonflame says:

    Hey, son of a beekeeper here. What he has there is a bunch if bees doing what is referred to as “swarming”. Essentially swarming is when a hive splits (usually due to too many bees, so new qqueen is made, then half the hive heads out with on of the queens). Those bees are the ones that left and they usually swarm like that in a tree or such while a bunch of bees fly out and scout for new homes. Bees are usually docile even when they have a hive, but when they swarm like that they become even more docile since they have no hive to protect (no brood, no food). In fact, that sticking of the hands into the swarm is literally a standard way of moving bee swarms since they are so docile.

  7. eatyourdamndinner says:

    The boy’s got a real head for beekeeping.

  8. shitpplsay says:

    Why you don’t let your brother watch your kids

  9. tape_measures says:

    Thats a bee swarm that the boy has the queen. The rest of the bees swarmed peacefully to the queen. Aslong as the queen isn’t threatened, they can be transported harmlessly this way. Personally. I use a rubbermaid container instead of my body.

  10. “And it was another wonderful day of saving the bees”

  11. inevitabilityalarm says:

    ‘He can’t see without his glasses’

  12. exactapacking says:

    Nope, nope, nope, no fucking way, and another nope

  13. I’m not buying this motherfucker’s honey

  14. Kojima finally put out a cutscene with The Pain’s origin, huh?

  15. butchooka says:

    Try the same with waps to let others realize how cool bees are

    Of course wasps

  16. Bunyan12ply says:

    The no fucking way.

  17. When bees are swarming, they are docile and can sit on anything

  18. fart_fig_newton says:

    Anything to get away from the church I guess.

  19. metallaholic says:

    Fetch me my bee boy.

  20. He must have said Candyman one too many times.

  21. it_diedinhermouth says:

    Mhmm. Nice bee-rd

  22. This dude plays with Thousands… and is happy alive…
    Me: who got stung by one…. Apparently I going to die here today

  23. UncookedMarsupial says:

    Well that’s using your head.

  24. Fuzzy_Muscle says:

    Look up texasbeeworks, she literally scoops bees with her bare hands

  25. ickywickywackywooo says:

    It’s a bee beard and back in the 20th century people did this for fun.

    I don’t pretend to understand why. I consider it like the same kind of dated cultural artifact as dance contests, Dolly Parton lookalike pageants, flagpole sitting and Hands on the Hardbody.

    Back in the late 20th century it was a staple of “Wacky!” iconography to include a bee beard in your Sgt. Pepper style crowd illustrations. It’s similar to the illustrations of a guy with a long beard with birds nesting in it– you’d see a gorilla suit guy, woman with a huge beehive, guy with a propeller beanie, bee beard person– a bee beardo in the West is part of the tropes surrounding noncomformist Americans.

    My teacher had a calendar of people wearing bee beards, wish I could get it now, it was fucking ridiculous and brilliant, there was shit like a bride and groom both with a bee beard, ships captain with a bee beard, etc .

  26. AllanfromWales1 says:

    Keeps the boy safe from pedos..

  27. readit1000times says:

    He’s obviously the chosen one in some anime series. Not that WTF.

  28. TechnoInfidel says:

    The Wickerman Method

  29. Rhinomeat says:

    You gotta nsfl this.

    I was hoping to never see another bee-heading video online, the last one messed me up for a bit

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