Woman unloads an explosive feces in neighbors driveway.

Woman unloads an explosive feces in neighbors driveway.

Woman unloads an explosive feces in neighbors driveway.

Woman unloads an explosive feces in neighbors driveway. from WTF

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42 thoughts on “Woman unloads an explosive feces in neighbors driveway.

  1. Altruistic-Rope-614 says:

    Her ass was itchy that day

  2. MeltedPeach says:

    that first coffee in the morning always hits the hardest

  3. nandos677 says:

    I just witnessed a drive by shitting

  4. With the amount of these videos that pop up every year, I can’t go to a public place without wondering how many of these people are walking around with shit covered assholes.

  5. SlimChiply says:

    The definition of nonchalant

  6. PlumbCape559874 says:

    What a terrible day to have eyes

  7. garrygarrygarry3 says:

    Lol at first I though explosive feces was going to be some kind of poop munition

  8. A) I’m not trying to jump to conclusions, but it looks like a angry Patriots fan.

    B) she actually got some good distance on that push. 8/10. I wonder what kind of coffee she drinks?

  9. Able_Kaleidoscope_61 says:

    The title suggests some sort of motive, but I think she’s just having health problems:

    1. She’s stops and contemplates her situation. She calculating time to get home vs shitting on herself vs shitting right here. She stops dead in her tracks… Probably not the first accident she’s had.

    2. She’s not really on anyone’s driveway, more like sidewalk adjacent to a neighbor.

  10. its_just_flesh says:

    Drop, squirt, and roll

  11. That’s gonna burn when it dries

  12. AZ_Gunner_69 says:

    At least shit in the bushes

  13. SomeSadBoi123 says:

    Watching the video in reverse is hilarious. It looks like she walks backwards and sucks up the mess, then just stands there admiring her work.

  14. madashell547 says:

    Love the check back

  15. carnivorous-Vagina says:

    She chose that spot

  16. Pissing through your ass.

  17. Imhal9000 says:

    I like how she waits for it to brew

  18. shindleria says:

    That lady’s got pizzazz

  19. tailwalkin says:

    That’s what happens when you eat an Arby’s roast beef with your morning coffee

  20. BaseSensitive5110 says:

    When she’s just standing there . I know that feeling. Difference is I persever and get through it .

  21. WingsofSky says:

    Call the cops. Have her arrested.


  22. These viral Ring ads are getting out of hand.

  23. theottomaddox says:

    Another drive by sharting.

  24. Busted_down says:

    Not my proudest fap

  25. Akesgeroth says:

    This is only funny if you’ve never had the shits with nowhere to have them.

  26. silenkurii says:

    Like a dog marking its territory

  27. Competitive-Art says:

    What are the green squares?

  28. documentationyf says:

    Mmmmmm melted chocolate

  29. Must’ve been a strong coffee

  30. StonePhallus says:

    That first cup of coffee

  31. Foomaster512 says:

    Morning coffee hits hard

  32. Knuckles316 says:

    Could have at least moved to the grass instead of shitting right on the sidewalk.

  33. my200cents says:

    Moooooooom, there’s a Snake in the driveway

  34. Horribunny says:

    That’s a city sidewalk.

  35. Billiruben says:

    *American anthem starts playing*

  36. Coffee does it… every time.

  37. iambatmanman says:

    I understand this too much… when the sweats kick in and moving anything is enough to distract your sphincter muscle from clenching that shit in…

    The distance is intriguing, because imagine that stream of liquid poo shooting, with that force, into a basin of toilet water mere inches from the offending orifice

  38. 12kdaysinthefire says:

    No wipe Wednesdays everyone!

  39. ReekMarkAble says:

    Is this in Florida?

  40. Dangibbo23 says:

    That morning Coffee has the same effect on me.

  41. RiverFoxstar says:

    That’s a lady? I thought it was an old man.

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