Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails? Decoding Your Cat’s Tail Wagging

Do cats even wag their tails? Most individuals would say no, canines wag their tails, cats don’t. However cats don’t transfer their tails and tails may be very expressive, and provide you with a sign as to what precisely occurs within the thoughts of a cat.

“Cats have very expressive cues, so the place of the tail and movement can inform us a number of issues,” mentioned Dr. Eloise mild, a veterinarian based mostly in North Ryde, Australia. In fact, the actions of the tail are just one piece of the puzzle physique language. Different essential bodily indicators famous embody every thing from posture and facial expressions to the place of the ears and tail.

The six actions of the tail, deconstructed, will help decipher the physique language of your cat and aid you decide in case your cat is able to cuddle or you’ll want to again off.

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The vertical tail and tail Quiver

A vertical tail (or vertical) and tail quivers (or tail rattle) are sometimes indicators of a pleasant hi there to your feline. A vertical tail is normally an indication of a contented, assured cat, mentioned Margaret Donohue, psychologist and former coach cat in Santa Clarita, California. The brilliant Dr. agrees. “In case your cat does little thrill of the tail when he sees you, it means he’s joyful and content material. ”

The tail Wrapped

Kitty by no means may wrap his tail round your hand, arm or neck?

“Cats usually wrap their tails across the leg or arm of an proprietor to indicate affection, however whim is extra generally used,” Donohue mentioned. Whether or not a pleasant tail-wrap or knock on the arm of their head, which is usually a transparent signal of the love of a cat.

The tail flick (or, Straight Out and Again Tail)

To not be confused with a shudder down movie of the tail is a reasonably apparent transfer. A feline maintain its low tail stretched rigidly and earlier than flick again, which signifies dissatisfaction, based on Dr. Vibrant. The low movie may also be an indication of an offended cat that is able to pounce, Donohue mentioned, and it’s usually used when a cat stalks prey airborne.


Completely different from the motion of the tail, the rustle normally means your cat is able to pounce in your hand, normally in a extra playful method and temper, based on Dr. Vibrant.

“In case your cat is the kind of ambush your ankles when in a fiery mood, throw a toy as a decoy whenever you see the tail swish,” she mentioned.

The Fluffy Tail Arched

If confronted with one other animal or something a cat sees as a hazard, it’s common to see a fluffed-up tail. The fluffy tail, particularly if mixed with a hunched again, is utilized in response to a menace, Dr. Vibrant mentioned, and is used to make the cat look larger and scarier to his nemesis.


In case you ever discover your cat looking the window fastidiously, it’s attainable, it might be accompanied by a slight contraction on the finish of the tail. This will imply the curiosity or focus on one thing, based on Dr. Vibrant.

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