Why are people mad about the Gillette ad?

Why are people mad about the Gillette ad
Why are people mad about the Gillette ad

That’s a reason people could be mad about it.

But it’s not the reason people are mad at it.

People are getting mad, because they’ve been told that toxic masculinity is masculinity, and they think that by calling out toxic masculinity the ad is calling men toxic.

Commodification of resistance. It’s brilliant given how uninformed and detached the target audience generally is. Marketing teams aren’t hired for their philosophy genius. The goals are a-moral. Our beloved icons do the same thing. Powerful so-called feminist celebrities make a whole thing of girl-power but then don’t bother getting involved to make sure the women and girls sewing their brand-name clothes are getting paid more than pennies an hour and living in shit conditions.

Let’s not pretend that we don’t all benefit one way or another (whether as opportunistic people up top, marketers, etc., or consumers getting cheap goods). They have been using impoverished outsourced labor on the cheap for quite a while, but some insensitive ads are really the big problem?

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This is why it’s brilliant. Some publicity, “outrage” dies down within a day or 2, the point is the name got out there better than if the ad was meaningless/unremarkable, keep making money/business as usual. No one actually cares. It’s just trendy to pretend for another day or 2, tops