Why are company cars so popular?

RyanMcGuire / Pixabay

The reason they seem to have it special features not found in private cars.

1. They travel faster in all teeth, especially backwards.

2. They accelerate at a phenomenal level.

3. They enjoy a much shorter braking distance.

4. They have a tighter turning radius.

5. They can hit twice the speed of a private car.

6. Oil and tire pressure and battery and water levels are not necessary
almost checked.

7. The floor is shaped like an ashtray.

8. They only burn gas at the highest price.

9. They don’t have to garage at night.

10. They can be pushed up to 100 miles with the oil warning lights on.

11. They don’t need to clean often, especially inside.

12. Suspension is reinforced to allow concrete plates, weight
building materials, shipping meters and furniture to carry.

13. They are adjusted to allow backing to be involved when the car is on
still moving forward.

14. The tire wall is designed to hit and pass the sidewalk.

15. Unusual and worrying engine sounds are easily removed by
adjustment of radio volume control.

16. No security is needed. They may be left anywhere, not locked, with
ignition key.

17. The eraser blade is equipped with an attractive magnetic device
parking ticket. This ticket is great for cleaning windows,
wipe oil or oil stains, and fill holes in the seat.

18. Even small mechanical repairs require at least a week to fix it, make it
need to rent a car – Porsche 928S.

19. They are programmed to destroy themselves for 60,000 miles, which ensures
that the driver will have a new car every 2 years.

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