What’s Personality?

The style is an expression of ones’ spirit and soul, displaying in some as attractiveness and several others “a need to maintain one’s distance,” and all sorts of characteristics of general attitude, as expressed in the personal behaviour, way of speaking as well as what in some people is well known and accepted as the inexplicable mystique called charisma.

Needless to say, that the attractiveness in all such charisma must be influenced by a complementing, or exceedingly pleasing, inner personality – or the SELF! This in turn, is usually conditioned by its views and intentions, which, naturally, must be clean, free of unwell will or other sketchy nature, conversant with what is usually ethical and beautiful likely combined with a matching intelligence.

Nature herself creates such shows of beauty in the majority of00 her expressions. We are therefore aware in the beauty of flowers, of the sunset, of tranquil landscape etc. With all of which are conscious of the same emanations as the déclaration of our awareness of “personal charisma” or all other “pleasing personalities” with appeal and appeal.

It is a natural manifestation when it is real (often using the absence of awareness of its possessor) and can never be burned or imitated, just like the change of form and elegance in flowers for instance. Many people lack such “natural presence”, quite often due to less desired thinking habits, questionable purposes and all such “inner secrets” which do not qualify as “beautiful”.

If we all heed all of our thoughts, guide our pondering patterns, exchange love in addition to “good will” for inner thoughts like envy, jealousy in addition to hatred; add more positive in addition to constructive rather than destructive purposes to the outward expressions of your minds, and add the attention that thus we are gorgeous! – will not emit it has the radiance to others enhance all of our very looks, our self confidence, with our own charisma? Plus, who knows, -change our interaction with others, life in its entirety and maybe through the mark involving such change make alone felt in the betterment of your relationships and “our interior and outer world”

Source by means of Julie Eden

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