What cannabis looked like in the ’60s

What cannabis looked like in the '60s

What cannabis looked like in the ’60s

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38 thoughts on “What cannabis looked like in the ’60s

  1. Not a single bud in sight.

  2. ArghZombie says:

    No wonder hippies were so productive. They just thought they were stoned.

  3. stroupdogg420 says:

    E-Z Wider is a brand of rolling papers introduced in 1972 by Bob Stiller and Burton Rubin. So, I’m guessing this pic is NOT from the 60s…

  4. I was looking up old high times pictures. They have some better photos of what the weed really looked like back then.

  5. Rootofallevil1927 says:

    You kids don’t realise how good you got it nowadays

  6. vagrantist says:

    We used to call that “water leaf”. It was gross, didn’t do much.

  7. Summer of 1976 I turned 13, first time I got high. I remember we used Job wheat papers, they were real thick compared to today. We would sit around and talk about when it would be legal, we thought we would be buying packs like cigarettes. Only I didn’t think it would take 45 fucking years. I’m just glad I’m here to see how far it has come. Got my medical card and as a veteran I get 30 to 20 % discounts at most dispensaries. No more worrying about the cops, it’s great.

  8. live4lax25 says:

    I heard somewhere that the generally available weed roughly doubles in potency every 20 years, which looks about right

  9. Don’t forget the added bonus: 5+ years in prison. The sixties sucked if you got caught with weed.

  10. Weed has come a long way since I started you can’t even find the shwag I used to smoke. Lol

  11. Purple_Berries-65 says:

    Remember when you knew a guy…that knew a guy that sold weed. You would ride along and then have to wait in the car. Meanwhile…they are inside getting high and your friend forgets all about you and doesn’t come out for an hour!

  12. TyrusRaymond says:

    Sucrets Tin = classic

  13. caesar_magnum07 says:

    And then the Dutch came over and helped revolutionise the game

  14. I know a lot of old timers who won’t even touch the new stuff because even if they do just try a teeny hit it like sends them to the moon and they have to go basically go wait it out in a quiet dark room for a few hours to come down. I can’t imagine a hippie from the 60’s trying a full bodied edible. I’ve decided to never do an edible because even when smoking too much you can shake it off after about an hour and a half but edibles you’re looking at 6-8 hours to come down.

  15. Back when smoking weed was about getting a buzz and not getting stoned. Like the difference between drinking and not getting drunk off your ass.

  16. Nightchild666 says:

    With the rolling machine included, this is one of the saddest picture I’ve ever seen.

  17. I have a bag of weed that was found when my family moved to Idaho in 1976. It looks about like that, but with more sticks and seeds. There were a few roaches saved in the bag. They were all-white with zero resin stains. I’m pretty sure you could get a better buzz from fresh oregano.

  18. That’s a leaf, no weed in there

  19. Unlikely-143 says:

    Also called shake in LA area -granted I’m pushing 60
    Not that shake is even a thing any longer…

  20. BadgerSituation says:

    I haven’t seen orange Rizlas since the 90s.

  21. goatmanting says:

    Before sensimilla, weed was nasty!

  22. JefferyDexterB says:

    My dealer would be getting a horrible yelp review.

  23. RollwiththeBest6565 says:

    Where’s the seeds

  24. lost-_-souls says:

    If you need a rolling machine there’s a good chance you don’t have a good hook up

  25. Durutti1936 says:

    Late 69 early 70’s. The cultural reference with EZ wider.

  26. grnmchn28 says:

    In a singing voice “cannabis from Mexico”

  27. chippingsodbury says:

    In the ’70s in the UK we didn’t see a lot of grass. At least, not where I lived. It was mainly hash. All different varieties.

    The best was what they called Nepalese, either Gold Seal, Red Seal or Temple Ball. Afghani Black was well thought of but rare. Pakistani Black was far more common.

    One time we got was what sold to us as Turkish Opiated Black. It had fingerprint dust on it. The deals were over-weight and there was a lot of it at one point.

    Then there was Red Lebanese and Blond Lebanese. They were weaker but plentiful. Then there was Moroccan, bog standard and one they called Zero Zero which was stronger.

    This was late ’70s/ very early ’80s. Then the scene changed and for along time we could only get one type of Moroccan. It was fairly bland after all the different varieties. I think organised crime had taken over and someone had half a ton of the stuff in a lock-up in Peckham.

    All the different types were courtesy of hippie entrepreneurs who were importing small amounts …. a few pounds (‘weights’) at a time. When organised crime took over they went for much bigger smuggling capers and the variety died.

    Sometimes we got hash oil. This was super strong and I think a Class A drug. It was sold 1g at a time in glass phials.

    Sometimes we got Thai Stick grass but this was rare. Nigerian grass also came over occasionally.

    In the early ’80s we grew weed under lights in our flat. Amateur operation but kept us going.

    I stopped smoking in the mid ’80s and started drinking instead :/

    In the early ’90s someone introduced me to skunk weed. It was a novelty and I went with it but I never really liked it.

    In the mid/late 70s it was hard to buy dope round my way. We went for weeks without scoring. It was tough at the time, but looking back, it was good for us. We really appreciated it when it came round.

    TLDR: Presenting a round-up of UK smoking materials from the past 43 years or so.

  28. natesplaceonline says:

    Weed back in the day didn’t stink like it does now. The weed today smells like a skunks ass.

  29. goinghomebackwards says:

    Can confirm

  30. Flight_Dick says:

    Spent alot of money on weed just like that in the early 2000’s

  31. intangible62 says:

    Lol no that is just leaves and stem.

  32. masterap85 says:

    Bullshit. show me a pound of it from a dealer back then

  33. Disastrous_Agency325 says:

    Looks like plain tobacco leaves to me

  34. Why does it say unrolling paper

  35. notasulga says:

    That looks more like 70’s&80’s. That weed is what we would call shake. Smoke enough and it would get you high, a little anyway. I had a Crossman pellet tin that looked very similar to this when I was in middle school. Late 70’s. That tin probably had Sucrets in it…

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