Weirdest Things That Happened While You Are Home Alone

Home alone
Home alone

Things that will terrify you if you’re home alone

Home alone

When you hear a thump or a creak that was definitely not made by you. Either the house is just old, or the house is old and there’s also a murderer sneaking up on me.

When the electricity goes out.

When you start to think about that “not that scary” movie you saw last week. It’s all fun and games until nobody’s around to keep you from getting possessed.

When your pet suddenly stares intensely at “nothing”

When an electronic device suddenly buzzes or beeps. All the emergency drills we did in elementary school never prepared me for what to do when the toaster goes off.

When someone calls you from a private number. I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that the call is coming from inside the house, so why not just yell down the stairs to me if you want to talk?

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When you slip on a wet spot on the floor. By the time they find my corpse, Mr. Fuzzymuffins will have already eaten off my eyelids.

When there’s a huge bug in the house

When you decide to let it go to avoid being eaten and then feel a hair tickle your arm.

When you let it go and then see a tiny bunch of tangled hair on the floor

When something that was too close to the edge finally falls.

When you fall asleep on the couch the wrong way. Numerous scientific studies show that monsters that live under the couch are approximately 8-10 times more dangerous than monsters that live under the bed.

When the only way you can get comfortable is by sticking one leg out from under the covers.

When you have to turn the light off before you go upstairs. If there were an Olympic sport that involved sprinting up small flights of stairs, I would dominate it.

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When a lone car drives down your street at 3 a.m.. If they made a wrong turn and have to drive back up your street, they are probably going to chop you up and eat you.

When you realize that your closet door is slightly open …Especially when you don’t remember opening it