Tremendous Mario Bros. Infinite Lives Glitch

Arduous to imagine this Tremendous Mario Bros. glitch wasn’t found sooner with the considerably regular path they take to breed it.
Super Mario Glitch

First, you have to first take player one’s Mario to the second degree of the sport and throw away your first life. With Luigi taking up, participant two should traverse all the way in which to World 5-2 and discover the hidden beanstalk block midway by means of the stage. As soon as there, Luigi should begin climbing the vines, nonetheless, he should await – and tackle the chin – an incoming projectile from one of many Hammer Bros. Upon being hit, as soon as participant one resumes management of Mario, the beanstalk from World 5-2 will begin rising in World 1-2, offering all it is advisable to infinitely kick shells for limitless bonuses.

The key isnt dying whereas the vine is rising up; is dying while you’re leaving the display screen to go to the star world/higher world. When you attain sure altitude with the vine, Mario retains going up by himself. You should die there for the glitch to be triggered. And it doesnt have to be performed while you beat the game, however for those who do you can’t declare the infinite lives. You may simply get a vine rising at first of 1-2.

The threeDS version of Tremendous Mario Bros. is an actual port, full with all of its glitches. It even has multiplayer, for those who press L+R, then Y to modify gamers. If this glitch have been actual, it might work on the 3DS emulation.


1. Carry Mario to 1-2, lose a life firstly.
2. Carry Luigi to 5-2 (by the use of Minus World glitch, for time’s sake)
3. Hit the vine block and begin climbing, and wait to be hit by a hammer

Tremendous Mario Bros. Glitch Video

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