This Online Group Has People Sharing Signs And Other Things That Make Zero Sense When You Try To Read Them (70 Pics)

There are some phrases that just don’t make sense. They get printed on shirts, billboards, and street signs, and if you encounter one, you’ll know it. Looking thrice and turning your head upside down won’t help. Asking for a friend’s help in deciphering the message won’t do much either.

You may call these phrases cursed and you wouldn’t be wrong. But there is an online group that’s not only entirely dedicated to these nonsensical phrases, but has also defined them as a phenomenon worthy of our attention on its own. Powered by 603k members, the Don’t Dead Open Inside subreddit is a place for “signs and media that read as nonsense if read normally: from left to right.”

It may sound tricky, but bear with me. Below are some of the funniest signs that require 0% common sense and to throw everything you know about sentence structure out the window. Who knew that there could be so much sense in such nonsense?!

#1 Doesn’t Sound Like Fun

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Image credits: Reddituser4678213

#2 Jesus Scares

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Image credits: Comet_Dawn

#3 Well If You Insist

Image credits: Mad_Mark90

#4 I Am Dond

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Image credits: bestgrandson

#5 Choose Abortion Life Kills

Image credits: StrongbowPowers

#6 Will There Be Blood Or Not!?

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Image credits: manby

#7 Stand Hong With Kong

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Image credits: pedrojalapa

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#8 5 Extremely Slow Children Playing

clipimage 604f4f7b17327 700

Image credits: dontdeadopeninside

#9 7 Surprising Black Ways To Use Beans

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Image credits: maximum_chungus

#10 Well That Seems Unfair

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Image credits: Greasfire11

#11 Saw This At Work Today And Immediately Thought Of This Sub

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Image credits: rdeddit

#12 Shosple Colupis

Image credits: caiia_

#13 This Is A F**king Massacre. Thing Made Me Want To Dead

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Image credits:

#14 Aliectass

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Image credits: _awwsmm

#15 Friend Of A Friend Got A New Tattoo

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Image credits: drewwhis

#16 Dip Dip

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Image credits: JimMorrisonsPetFrog

#17 My Hometown Parade. Dear God

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Image credits: Farnhza

#18 You Think Some Tattooist Hate Their Own Work?

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Image credits: Pyrox888

#19 Vote Dump Early Trump

604f3dcfe261d krgMJGf 700

Image credits: JGolden32

#20 Guaranteed Reduced Quality

Image credits: Maqwheel

#21 Jesus Are Is Coming You Back Ready?

604f3e79c3429 cntu9m0ju4a11 700

Image credits: porkstick

#22 Stop Earth The Denying Is Dying!

604f3f3b25213 tten8jev7j231 700

Image credits: SoddingOpossum

#23 This Is Actually Pretty Clever

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Image credits: Praninggerzi

#24 Drug Is The Free Key

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Image credits: BenTechLabs

#25 This Giant Poster In My University Dorm

Image credits: colonelpanic762

#26 Enroll Your Russian Child Now

Image credits: Sheeple_26

#27 Stolen From My Friends Snap Story

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Image credits: long-time-lurker-

#28 My Girlfriends Kitchen Tiles. Forffee Coyou

Image credits: Laveys_Fvcktoy

#29 Spread Cream Not Cheese Disease

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Image credits: JonyIveAces

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#30 Was There Even An Intended Order To Begin With?

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Image credits: plsiwanttosleep

#31 Who Thought This Was Acceptable

Image credits: JoeyJelly1

#32 Always Forgotten – Missed Never

604f3db758675 m9QFPBY 700

Image credits: cdsackett

#33 Hear That Noise? We Are Growing. We Can Fix It Again. Apply Inside

604f3f2d5456f NnwFEmI 700

Image credits: armchairnixon

#34 This Was In My It Class Today

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Image credits: The–Sentinel

#35 Call Me Don’t

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Image credits: RoyLifestyle

#36 I Give Up

604f3e841ac7e bpfijiokbhb11 700

Image credits: TheCunningLinguist89

#37 Please Mask Wear

clipimage 604f510a91d84 700

Image credits: dontdeadopeninside

#38 Snake Pit

Image credits: MEU420

#39 Sat New Urd York Ays City

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Image credits: thegingermullet

#40 Don’t Save A Life Be Afraid To Give Blood

clipimage 604f501edf0b5 700

Image credits: dontdeadopeninside

#41 Teachers Who Love Teach Children Teaching To Love Learning

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Image credits: tanooki_hardaway

#42 Don’t Go Kill Vegan

604f3e653c36a mdsyk67sjee41 700

Image credits: KeLo2510

#43 Truly Inspiring

Image credits: littlefisch2020

#44 Drugs May Kill You, But Never Your They’ll Hurt Feelings

Image credits: acookie2

#45 I’m Call Pregnant Me

604f3ded8ca39 ckkihc7vdyd11 700

Image credits: QuinnJet

#46 Don’t Animal Open Inside

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Image credits: Aslakseie

#47 Stay Save Home Lives

Image credits: fluffypinka

#48 If You Were In A Car, Would You Know What Accident To Do?

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Image credits: MrGrampton

#49 Some Marry Chicks Chicks

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Image credits: Taoteliung

#50 Spicey Vaccine

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Image credits: waink8

#51 “Sorry, We Don’t Over $20 Bills Accept”

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Image credits: TheDragon-Hunter

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#52 “What Does Learning A Foreign Language Say About You”, Supposedly

Image credits: Hipster_Coffee

#53 Men Because Women

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Image credits: verianne

#54 Why Did I Name My Show “The Joel With Mchale Joel Show Mchale”?

604f3df82ad1e sUb40vH 700

Image credits: NinjaCowReddit

#55 Carop Washen

Image credits: ArtBudy

#56 Lets Fight, Keep Us Corona, Safe Virus

clipimage 604f533cabacd 700

Image credits: dontdeadopeninside

#57 Our To Help Trollies You Move

604f3d6a8e7f1 uz8i770tdid11 700

Image credits: INTP36

#58 To Plastic No Say Straw

604f3f0186583 b3dg35n86th21 png 700

Image credits: stefan5641

#59 A Hearing Aid So Comfortable, You’ll Sexy Asian Women In Los Angeles Never Want To Take It Off

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Image credits: lifeisonebigjoe

#60 Owo Men’s Day

Image credits: TheBaconKing124

#61 Buddy Found This At Our Uni

Image credits: GalaxyBearcat

#62 Keep Minimum Please The Distance

clipimage 604f52863cde2 700

Image credits: dontdeadopeninside

#63 Meat Is Go, Murder Vegan

604f3e0c8d535 lbqih2yetfq41 700

Image credits: grum_pea__

#64 Their Heart Is In The Right Place. The Words, Not So Much

604f3e1546820 jlm122g62bn41 700

Image credits: MoonpiesForMisfits

#65 The State Of Washi Wangton

604f3d6162539 ubvj8141cl151 700

Image credits: morecatslesspeople

#66 I’m Sick Of This

604f3ccf60228 qtaay0mdj1k21 png 700

Image credits: tannerntannern

#67 Our We Use Chickens Good Oil Eat

604f522daaeac 82k9p89ko0x41 png 700

Image credits: GoodSubstance

#68 Honey, I Think We’re Supposed To Turn Right

604f3d7889a61 ShPN79l 700

Image credits: Lolawolf

#69 Santa Please No!

604f40c6e3e81 szt6nk88p8141 700

Image credits: DudleyLd

#70 Rip My Last Brain Cell

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Image credits: Musical_Mexican