This gas station completely covered in may flies

This gas station completely covered in may flies

This gas station completely covered in may flies

This gas station completely covered in may flies from WTF

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45 thoughts on “This gas station completely covered in may flies

  1. CharlieVGoldberg says:

    Stay calm, they are all virgins that just want to fuck before they die just like us.

  2. made-yu-look says:

    Stop. Opening. THE. FUCKING. DOOR!

  3. Turkeyoak says:

    Probably mayflies that live most of its life on lake bottoms, then molt and go airborne to mate. Swarms and swarms for a week.


    Imagine an electric bug zapper

  5. mumblerapfan123 says:

    I love the kid playing in it like it’s a pile of leaves

  6. SourWUtangy says:

    This looks so gnarly wtf. It’s crazy how just everyone and everything pops out of nowhere in the summertime! Party!

  7. Match the hatch! Get to the lake, fish are biting!

  8. Pyronic_Chaos says:

    North Dakota every summer. I drove by a lake at night once during mayfly hatch, it turned black and I couldnt even see my hood for a few seconds. Almost worse than a whiteout blizzard because I had to clean of thousands of bug guts/corpses after that.

  9. armada9399 says:

    custom gas station skin

  10. kayzinwillobee says:

    In Southeast Michigan they get just as bad but we call em fish fly’s. Does anywhere else call them that?

  11. roboninja says:

    Now I’m all itchy.

  12. Top51Percent says:

    Nice of the flies to congregate at a gas station. Makes it easier to burn them all

  13. Someone needs to talk to them, don’t they know what month it is??GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!! ITS JULY!

  14. I’m on day 6 of staying in a tent in the north woods of Maine and the mayflies are fuckin insane up here!

  15. toastyy22 says:

    Pretty sure I’ve seen this movie before. Isn’t it supposed to be misty outside?

  16. FeculentUtopia says:

    The real WTF comes later, when they pile up 6 inches deep and start to rot.

  17. What the heck why’re they there?

  18. Eimanatox says:

    Looks like Cedar Point every year when we go

  19. Just tell them it’s July. They’ll understand and leave.

  20. newhappyrainbow says:

    I remember one year as a kid going to Cedar Point in Ohio when the mayflies were so bad they delayed opening the park that day because they had to use a bobcat mini-bulldozer to clear the sidewalks.

    They are a very innocuous bug though. They don’t bite, they don’t even get in your face, they just cover EVERYTHING. The worst thing is how they crunch when you walk on them and they smell like fish.

  21. molossus99 says:

    Cedar Point gets covered with these buggers too

  22. Some_Annoying_Prick says:

    Bearded dragon’s wet dream

  23. AaronPossum says:

    Tawas, MI get swarms like this – sometimes worse. Driving through a well-lit parking lot on some nights is one continuous squish. It’s nasty as fuck.

  24. You’ll probably still find them in your bag weeks after like beach sand

  25. That’s a may zing.

  26. Jesus. I already have to avoid Tennessee because of some terrifying mutant beetle. Is this only North Dakota? Need to know so I can add to my list.

  27. Utopiaoflove says:

    Saint Clair shores Michigan?

  28. WaydeHenderson says:

    Did someone order a plague?

  29. Tell them they’re late. This is July.

  30. awesomeroy says:

    silly may flies, its june

  31. el___diablo says:

    Mayflies ?


    Julyflies surely !

  32. polskiftw says:

    How close to a lake is this place?

  33. God I’m so happy I don’t live in Michigan anymore.

  34. Accurate_Fee_3237 says:

    Open the gas pump and burn that shit wtf

  35. MusicalAutist says:

    There MAY be a dead body in that place. lol

  36. eeyore134 says:

    “I’m just going to open this door twice for no reason and let even more in your store.”

  37. Mr_Stoney says:

    That frog girl is going to be really busy

  38. withbellson says:

    Whenever I see a photo of a swarm like this I remember how mayflies were a difficult catch for my ninth grade insect collection in central California. (You needed insects from 18+ different orders to get an A.)

  39. This is nothing. Look up the Mayflies in La Crosse Wisconsin. I’m from that area and they blanket the entire city. It’s disgusting

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