Things that are normal in New York

  • Home prices starting at $1m and going up from there
  • Not owning a car is the norm
  • People genuinely don’t care how you look or dress. See picture above
  • Your shoes wear out really quick. You walk a crazy amount in NYC
  • The city is laid out in a somewhat well thought out grid (at least for Manhattan).
  • Subways run 24 hours a day
  • You can easily hear 7 different languages being spoken just by walking down the street in a day
  • Waterfront property is not the most valuable- Kinda weird here but property that is a bit inland in Manhattan has been the “Prime” real estate
  • You will see famous people, but they are normally not bothered by fans, also the famous people are rarely the wealthiest person in the room
  • Sit down in Washington Square Park and you can catch a game of chess with a Grandmaster
  • “Showtime” street performers doing acrobatics, singing, playing music throughout the subways.
  • 3 people sharing a 1 bedroom apartment who have no romantic or family relation to each other
  • Diversity of people. A particular subway may wind through dozens of immigrant neighborhoods in Brooklyn making its way toward Manhattan. By the time you’re over the bridge, it’s quite normal to see people reading news papers in a dozen languages in the same car. Not only different languages and ethnicities, but different social classes: Michael Bloomberg rides the subways, and so do homeless people. Other cities have diversity, none have it as densely or broadly as NYC.
  • Pedestrians crossing traffic at any opportunity. There is an assumption that cars will yield to pedestrians regardless of traffic lights, stop signs, etc. This may be more “normal” in developing countries, but among western cities NYC is unique in this regard.

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