These 7 Sniper Tales Are Crazier Than Any Hollywood Blockbuster (OMG)

Since its launch earlier this month, the film American Sniper has been stirring up nonstop controversy (on each the left and proper). Whereas the pundits debate totally different features of the movie, the core of Chris Kyle’s story stays true. However Kyle’s story isn’t the one wonderful actual life sniper story on the market. Wait till you hear about these seven guys.

Matt Hughes.

Matt Hughes.

The Sun

In the course of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Matt Hughes was a Welsh Royal Marine sniper. Hughes was assigned to take away two Iraqi troopers who have been holding up the offensive. There was just one downside, they have been very far-off (about 0.5 miles) and the wind was blowing arduous.

Hughes was not about to desert his mission. So, to compensate for the wind and the space, he aimed his rifle 56 toes to the left and 38 toes excessive. By some miracle, Hughes truly managed to land the shot, and struck one in all these Iraqis within the chest.

Mike Plumb.

Mike Plumb.


Mike Plumb was a SWAT sniper. At some point, his unit was known as to the scene of a suicidal man. The person was sitting in the course of the road with a snub nosed revolver pressed to his chin. Each time police approached, the person grew to become aggitated.

As an alternative of speaking the person down, Plumb’s commander ordered him to shoot. Earlier than you bounce to conclusions, he wasn’t ordered to shoot the person. Plumb was ordered to shoot the person’s gun, which was barely bigger than a human’s hand.

By some means, Plumb was capable of line up the shot from over 500 yards away and shatter the person’s revolver whereas he was nonetheless holding it.

Steve Reichert.

Steve Reichert.

Marine sniper Steve Reichert earned himself the Bronze Star for killing three insurgents in Iraq by actually taking pictures them by way of a brick wall.

In April 2004,Reichert was offering cowl for a gaggle of Marines on routine patrol after they fell below heavy assault. He was a mile away and watching all the things. That’s when he noticed a gaggle of three insurgents sneaking behind a wall to ambush the Marines.

They slipped behind the wall earlier than Reichert might line up a shot. So, he did what any good soldier would do. He approximated their location behind the wall and squeezed off a shot. This significantly unlikely shot truly managed to kill all three insurgents. One was killed by the bullet. The opposite two have been killed by the ensuing shrapnel.

Carlos Hathcock.

Carlos Hathcock.


Carlos Hathcock made a reputation for himself as a sniper in Vietnam. Throughout his two excursions in Vietnam, he killed sufficient enemy troopers to have a $30k bounty positioned on his head by the North Vietnamese. That giant sum of cash was very tempting to 1 unknown Vietnamese sniper who determined he could be the one to kill Hathcock.

This specific enemy sniper set a entice for Hathcock. He drew him out of camp by killing a number of fellow Marines. As an alternative of operating, Hathcock dropped and made gradual, painful progress towards the place he thought the enemy sniper was hiding. Hathcock was cautious to maintain the solar behind him the entire time.

This proved to be the transfer that saved his life. As he was going, Hathcock noticed a short flash of sunshine. Throughout the span of a second he had lined up and fired off a shot towards the flash. That flash was the scope of the enemy sniper. Not solely did Hathcock handle to kill the sniper, his shot actrually went straight down the sniper’s scope.

Horse Craig Harrison.

Horse Craig Harrison.

Sky News

Corporal Horse Craig Harrison managed to set a brand new sharpshooting report by killing two rebel gunners in Afghanistan from 1.5 miles away again in 2010.

Harrison had the advantage of excellent sniping climate (no wind and clear visibility). From his put up, Harrison noticed the 2 gunmen approaching. With out hesitating, he lined up his pictures and let free, regardless of the targets exceeding the utmost vary of his rifle by 3,000 toes.

Unknown sniper.

Unknown sniper.


An unknown British sniper in Afghanistan is credited with some of the lethal kills in army historical past. He managed to kill 6 Taliban insurgents with solely a single bullet.

Whereas British and American forces within the space have been finishing up an operation in late 2013, this specific sniper noticed a suspicious group of males approaching the world. From 930 yards away, the sniper fired. One of many males in his sights was sporting an explosive vest. The bullet tripped the vest and killed all six males.

Sgt Grace.

Sgt Grace.

List Verse

In 1864, Union Common John Sedgwick (pictured above) was killed on the battle of Spotsylvania. Sedgwick grew to become the best rating Union casualty of the Civil Conflict. He was killed by Accomplice sniper Sgt Grace.

When the battle started, Accomplice sharpshooters have been inflicting chaos amongst Sedgwick’s males, forcing them to flee and discover cowl. Famously, Sedgwick refused to do the identical. He’s stated to have shouted at his fleeing males:

“What? Males dodging this fashion for single bullets? What’s going to you do after they open hearth alongside the entire line? I’m ashamed of you. They couldn’t hit elephants at this distance.”

Mere moments after Sedgwick completed yelling at his males, he was struck by Grace’s bullet just below his left eye. Grace had fired the shot from over 1,000 yards away, which on the time was considered an unimaginable distance.

(by way of: Cracked)

Geeze I might not need to tangle with any of those snipers. Particularly Steve Reichert, he can see by way of partitions.

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