The World’s Thinnest Books

books 1564604777
books 1564604777

Beauty Secrets by Janet Reno
Home Built Airplanes by John Denver
How to Get to the Super Bowl by Dan Marino
Things I Love about Bill by Hillary Clinton
My Life’s Memories by Ronald Reagan
Things I Can’t Afford by Bill Gates
Things I Would Not Do for Money – by Dennis Rodman
The Wild Years – by Al Gore
Amelia Earhart ‘s Guide to the Pacific Ocean
America’s Most Popular Lawyers
Detroit – a Travel Guide Dr. Kevorkian ‘s
Collection of Motivational Speeches
Everything Men Know about Women
Everything Women Know about Men
All the Men I’ve Loved Before – by Ellen Degeneres
Mike Tyson’s Guide to Dating Etiquette
Spotted Owl Recipes – by the Sierra Club
The Amish Phone Directory
My Plan to Find the Real Killers – by O. J. Simpson
My Book of Morals – by Bill Clinton