The World’s Most Widespread Misconceptions

Massively common misconceptions that haven’t any foundation in reality

Common Misconceptions

  1. Albert Einstein didn’t fail in arithmetic. As he stated: “I by no means failed in arithmetic… Earlier than I used to be fifteen I had mastered differential and integral calculus.”
  2. Napoleon was really taller than the typical Frenchman of his time.
  3. Alcohol doesn’t rise physique temperature.
  4. It isn’t obligatory to attend 24 hours earlier than submitting a lacking individual’s report.
  5. Seasons aren’t brought on by the change of distance between Earth and Solar. The actual cause is the Earth’s axial tilt.
  6. When Olde English Was Spoken Folks Did Not Use “Ye” As a substitute of “The”.
  7. Electrical energy was well-known earlier than Benjamin Franklin.
  8. Meteorites are hardly ever sizzling when impacting Earth’s floor.
  9. There are only a few synthetic objects visible from Space and the Chinese language Nice Wall is non of them. In keeping with the Apollo astronauts they weren’t in a position to see any synthetic object on Earth from Moon.
  10. Bulls aren’t enraged by the colour pink. They cost on the matador as a result of they really feel themselves threatened.
  11. Goldfish can bear in mind issues occurred months earlier than.
  12. Houseflies can reside greater than 24 hours. On common they reside 20-30 days.
  13. Shaving doesn’t make hair develop again quicker and thicker. The hair solely turns into wider and feels coarser.
  14. Waking sleepwalkers doesn’t hurt them.
  15. The historic Buddha was not overweight.
  16. Horses aren’t all the time sleeping whereas standing up.
  17. Frankenstein will not be the identify of the monster within the novel, however that’s how his creator was referred to as: Victor Frankenstein.
  18. Mac OS X and Linux operation systems aren’t resistant to viruses.

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