The things you see at fastfood.

The things you see at fastfood.

The things you see at fastfood.

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24 thoughts on “The things you see at fastfood.

  1. gdmfsobtc says:

    What exactly am I looking at?

  2. UsefulEmptySpace says:

    Hermitage, TN

  3. Meth meth meth meth I like meth.

  4. conorb619 says:

    Ricky from trailer park boys? Go get my stick.

  5. Rickys upgraded home. Julian is proud.

  6. goblackcar says:

    But why an appliance dolly?

  7. grabageman says:

    Out of all the the thoughts that could arise in someone looking at this picture, the one that soars highest for me is, why didn’t they use red duct tape?

  8. Interesting-Employ92 says:

    What am I looking at

  9. Psychological_Dare38 says:

    The newest member of top gear america

  10. Juststopinby04 says:

    Correction: Things you see at fast food IN Tennessee.

  11. Angeldragongirl1 says:

    That looks like something out of Top Gear lmao

  12. Dry_Dragonfruit3205 says:

    Don’t get too close or you’ll get sucked in by its gravitational pull.

  13. BigPercy757 says:

    What is that? A mobile furniture unit?

  14. randosinclaire says:

    This guy follows proto

  15. RedSonGamble says:

    Sure this wasn’t at the flacon car wash?

  16. Betteradvize says:

    Just a motorhome

  17. brock_lee says:

    Google “camping with steve wallis”, it’s probably him.

    Sorry, can’t help myself. Steve is this strange canadian guy who “stealth camps”. Basically, this means sleeping in his car in a Canadian Tire parking lot, or sleeping in a bog behind Home Depot. He’s not far removed from homeless, but since he videos it, it’s “stealth camping”.

    I mean, one of his videos was literally him sleeping in a small wooded area behind home depot, filled with mosquitoes. He could not get his MRE to heat up, so he just walked across the parking lot and got beer and pizza. He has also had videos of him sleeping in culverts under roadways. In another recent video, he just drove his (new) camper school bus to a wide spot on the side of the road, parked, cracked a beer, and made a video about it.

    I don’t really understand his appeal.

  18. cryptkeeper89 says:

    Wtf is even going on here?

  19. moaningterodactyl says:


  20. moaningterodactyl says:


  21. As long as they flicked those straps and said “she ain’t going anywhere” there’s no problem

  22. Meth meth meth meth I like meth.

  23. jesseschmohl says:


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