The Term “Capture the Flag”

Anyway, those who plays games like First Person Shooters and strategy games like Warcraft/Starcraft and such, could be familiar with the term “Capture the Flag”. The goal here could be that one team will place their flag in a spot and then defend it while the other team could move in and “capture” the flag for their team.

Crystal City located in Texas and during World War 2, it served as a “civilian prison” for Germans, Japanese and Italian immigrants AND their families. I’m not sure how the “capture the flag” started but it seems that someone thought that it was good idea to place German flag up in a cafeteria one day. The authority did not move in to bring it down, fearing it could cause tension between the German prisoners and the local authority. The next day, they saw Japanese flag up there and the German flag was brought down.

So the “game” started where the goal is to sneak in during the night, take down the other “team’s” flag and replace it with their own. This went on for some time it seems. How this got into the video games, I have no idea but at least they had fun without beating the crap out of each other.