The story of silent twins

Jeniffer and June Gibbons were identical  twins  who grew up in Haverfordwest, Wales and communicated only with each other,  that too in an esoteric dialect unintelligible to others. Therapists’ attempt to make them talk to others failed. Their parents tried to separate them by sending them to different boarding schools . However, they became unresponsive and were called back.

After their reunion, they isolated themselves from the world and started playing  their own games with dolls and role plays that had strange rules. They enrolled in  creative writing course and started to write stories and novels. The characters in their writings showed criminal or unusual behavior. Their uncanny writing style hampered their writing career. The resulting frustration might have inspired them to take laws into their hands. The twins were involved in incidents of assault, arson and robbery.

They were admitted in Brodmoor hospital for mental treatment. They spent fourteen years of their lives in the hospital.

The girls had a long time agreement that if one died the other should start living a normal life. Finally, jeniffer agreed to die. While getting shifted to another hospital Casweel Clinic in Bridgend, Wales, Jennifer was unconscious and could not be revived. She died of acute myocraditis,a sudden inflammation of the heart. The doctors ruled out poison or drugs as the cause and her death still remains a mystery.

After Jennifer’s death, June returned to normal life and started to speak with others. She expressed the feeling as  ” liberating” and acknowledged Jeniffer’s sacrifice. She at present lives along with her friends and family in West Wales.

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