The Simpsons Offered O.J. Simpson a Cameo Role

The Simpsons Tried To Get OJ Simpson As A Guest Star

The animated series offered O.J. Simpson a cameo role in the episode where Homer becomes president of the nuclear power plant’s union and strikes to reinstate dental plans so Lisa can get braces.

“Ironically OJ Simpson airs on fox 25 years to the day after the episode we asked him to be in (pre-murders) and he turned down,” wrote Jean. Responding to a fan question, Jean further noted that “fortunately he passed and we got Dr. Joyce,” played by Dr. Joyce Brothers as herself on the news-show-within-the show Smartline.

Simpson did make an appearance on the animated comedy ten years after “Last Exit to Springfield” aired, in the episode “The Bart of War” but as the voice of Harry Shearer and not as himself.

Fans of Fox’s animated programming lineup might remember that Family Guy put O.J. Simpson through the wringer with the 2009 episode “The Juice is Loose,” in which Peter won the chance to play golf with Simpson, to the dismay of Quahog citizens. In that episode, the former football great was voiced by Mike Henry, and not by Simpson himself.

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