The primary ‘Home of the Dragon’ photos arrange a Targaryen showdown

Evening gathers and our watch begins anew: HBO has lastly launched photos from the Sport of Thrones prequel collection House of the Dragon. This present is the second Thrones prequel greenlit and the primary to be ordered to collection after that untitled Age of Heroes pilot went nowhere, so it has been some time since new Thrones photographs confirmed as much as stoke hype for HBO’s Westerosverse. Thronesverse? We’ll work on that. 

Meet Rhaenyra and Daemon

The game of

The sport of “spot the Targaryen” will probably be a little bit more durable on this present, however these two characters have the trademark white hair.

The primary of the images exhibits Matt Smith as Prince Daemon (DAY-mun Targaryen and Emma D’Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra (Ray-NYE-ruh) Targaryen. Do not get it twisted — these two Targs aren’t brother and sister. Rhaenyra is the primary born daughter of King Viserys Targaryen and Daemon is King Viserys’ brother, so we’re an uncle and niece.

It is onerous to inform from the setting the place precisely Daemon and Rhaeynra are in Westeros, however the seashore means that they’re both on the island of Dragonstone, the Targaryen household stronghold, or on the seashores of King’s Touchdown, the place it make sense for any royals to hang around for some enjoyable (or plotting) within the solar.  

Howdy, Lord Corlys

Seriously, this guy whips.

Critically, this man whips.

Second up is Steve Toussaint as Lord Corlys Velaryon, often known as the Sea Snake. Home Velaryon did not play a task in Sport of Thrones, however on the time Home of the Dragon is ready they’re the second strongest home in Westeros. A part of it is because they share Valyrian heritage with the Targaryens, which permits them to marry into the royal household with out lowering no matter genetic or magical present permits them to tame dragons. Lord Corlys right here is married to a Targaryen princess (not Rhaenyra, a unique one) for that motive. The opposite a part of their energy is that the Velaryons are wealthy as hell. 

Corlys is known as the Sea Snake as a result of he’s an achieved sailor whose journeys to the top of the world made him the richest individual in Westeros for some time (take that, Lannisters), and his energy at sea is unparalleled (take that, Greyjoys). So yeah, he is a wealthy badass with tons of energy and a royal spouse. You go, Corlys. 

A Queen and a Hand

The Hightowers have everything, so why are they Green with envy?

The Hightowers have every part, so why are they Resentful?

The third picture exhibits Olivia Cooke as Queen Alicent Hightower and Rhys Ifans as her father Otto Hightower. Queen Alicent is King Viserys’ second spouse; his first was Princess Rhaenyra’s mom. After the primary queen’s demise, Alicent stepped as much as marry the king with all of the wealth and energy of Oldtown (that is the place the place Sam goes to turn into a maester in Sport of Thrones) coming together with her. 

Her father Lord Otto Hightower additionally got here together with her, and a number of that energy stems from his place as Hand of the King. Queen Alicent has two sons by King Viserys, and although the king acknowledges Rhaenyra as his firstborn and inheritor, the truth that Alicent’s queen’s youngsters are male makes her surprise why her stepdaughter Rhaenyra ought to inherit the throne over her valuable boys…

Now that HBO has damaged the seal for Home of the Dragon information, it is doable there will probably be extra photos and details about Season 1 of Home of the Dragon coming quickly. The present continues to be set to premiere in 2022, so the most effective recommendation is to stay vigilant and be careful for dragons. 

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