The John Wick 3 Set Was Invaded By Cats

One thing you might not expect is the mass invasion of kitty cats. But that’s what happened to the John Wick set: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

The film takes a scene in Morocco, which is bad with cats. When filmmakers searched for locations in the winter, there were only “a few cats” hanging around, but by the time they returned for filming, there were “literally a thousand cats.” Because they want to make a John Wick movie and not thousands of adorable YouTube videos, this is a problem. What makes the problem worse is the fact that the character Halle Berry has two German shepherds, who are understandably disturbed by a mob of their natural enemies hiding outside the camera.

According to director Chad Stahelski, things “become a little crazy between cat disputes, and dog disputes, and people’s disputes.” Berry called the cat-filled photo shoot “messy.” The crew finally has to build a cage to accommodate cats who break the law, which means they will become criminals in Disney movies someday.