The coldest place in the entire known Universe exists on Earth

It is a temperature at which atom and light itself behave in highly unusual way.

At Wolfgang Ketterle’s lab, MIT, Cambridge.

Temperature achieved: 459.67F

, (810 trillionths of a degree F above absolute zero).

It holds the Guinness world record.

To get an idea of this temperature, you must know:

  • The coldest Temperature in deep outer space is455F.


  • The coldest Temperature on Moon is275F.
  • The coldest Temperature on Mars is 243F.


Now imagine the chills Wolfgang Ketterle’s lab can give you.

The story behind this

Ketterle achieved this feat when he was actually trying to create a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC).

These condensates are formed when a cloud of atoms enters the same quantum state and behave homogeneously.

For his earlier achievements and fundamental study on condensates, he was awarded the Nobel prize in Physics 2001.

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