The bitcoin bubble is a joke


Every great bubble has people who think it's a movement, others a business, and the rest a racket. In this, bitcoin is no different.
That’s the bitcoin parody that launched in 2013

  • Everyone is Now Part of the 1% Thanks to Bitcoin

  • Chuck Norris mined all bitcoins…twice.
  • -Who is Bitcoin’s least favorite rapper?
  • -What’s the difference between Bitcoin and NASA?
    -Bitcoin’s actually going to the moon.
  • -Why won’t the government embrace bitcoin?
    -They hate the idea of a ‘Proof Of Work’.
  • -A boy asked his bitcoin-investing father for $10.
    Father: $9.82? What do you need $10.08 for?
  • -How many miners does it take to change a light bulb?
    -A million – one to do it and the rest to verify he did it.
  • -Where does an Eskimo keep his Bitcoins?
    -In a cold wallet.
  • I’m not buying into the Bitcoin hype until Gucci Mane raps about it.

  • Mario was the original Bitcoin investor

  • Lloyds Bank bans Bitcoin purchases on its credit cards…
    Because they don’t want people ripping their customers off, that’s their job.


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