The 21 Creepiest Wikipedia Pages You Can Learn On-line Proper Now

Though typically criticized as filled with “truths, half truths, and a few falsehoods,” the very fact is, Wikipedia is the world’s most effective supply for data. Not solely is it lots simpler to slot in an condominium than a 32-book set of encyclopedias, nevertheless it additionally has a number of creepy stuff that’s not in your Britannica.

Listed below are among the creepiest Wikipedia articles that had been ever created. Whether or not they’re truths, half truths, and even falsehoods…all of them are unsettling.

1. Premature Burial.

Premature Burial.


That is fairly self-explanatory (it’s about being buried alive). It’s fairly creepy when you understand how typically this used to occur.

2. Tarrare.



This French soldier lived within the 18th century. He might eat the identical quantity as 15 males in a single sitting. He’s additionally the man I attempt to channel each time I’m challenged by the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet at CiCi’s.

3. Scaphism.



Scaphism is an impressed type of torture. A sufferer is floated out onto a river, nestled between two boats, and coated in milk and honey. Principally, bugs and birds would feast on their flesh as they had been left powerless.

4. Shadow Person.

Shadow Person.


Each tradition world wide has some model of a “shadow individual” of their mythology. In some type or different, these guests within the night time are apparently a common concern.

5. Pope Lick Monster.

Pope Lick Monster.


This monster is a component man, half goat, and half sheep. Its house is supposedly beneath a bridge (as a goat-man-sheep is wont to do) in Kentucky. The Wikipedia web page claims he makes use of hypnosis to lull his victims to their doom.

6. The Hinterkaifeck Murders.

The Hinterkaifeck Murders.


Unusual sounds within the attic ultimately led to the slaughter of a complete household on this farmhouse. This unusual homicide in Germany occurred practically 100 years in the past. It has but to be solved.

7. The Flatwoods Monster.

The Flatwoods Monster.


Three West Virginia boys noticed one thing fall from the sky. They adopted its actions, they usually ultimately got here throughout a wierd entity surrounded by an unearthly mist. Alien? Paranormal? No matter it was, it left the boys vomiting for a while, as in the event that they had been sprayed by mustard fuel.

8. Coffin Birth.

Coffin Birth.


The prevalence of useless pregnant ladies giving start to non-viable fetuses is so uncommon that it’s not often talked about in medical journals. Fortuitously, there may be Wikipedia!

9. Locked-in Syndrome.

Locked-in Syndrome.


This situation causes the sufferer to be utterly conscious of the place they’re and their environment, however don’t have any technique to talk aside from by way of the eyes.

10. Cotard Delusion.

Cotard Delusion.


It is a uncommon delusion wherein the sufferer believes she or he is useless (or doesn’t really exist). New Yorkers name this “using the subway.”

11. Euthanasia Coaster.

Euthanasia Coaster.


For some motive, a person with a PhD determined to create a curler coaster that was designed to kill each one in all its passengers. However you don’t actually have to be a professor to design this, proper? Simply begin designing a curler coaster and by no means end it!

12. UFO Sightings.

UFO Sightings.


It is a complete checklist of each UFO sighting from each time interval. Principally, it’s a research information for any severe Historical Aliens fan.

13. Rat King.

Rat King.


I do know if you learn “rat king,” you’re in all probability imagining a rat with an cute little crown and scepter. Really, although, a rat king is what occurs when a bunch of rats have a rave and get their tails tangled up collectively so that they need to dwell the remainder of their lives as this disgusting, hydra-like being. (P.S., this in all probability by no means occurs.)

14. The Dyatlov Pass Incident.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident.


9 hikers exploring the Dyatlov Move in Russia all mysteriously died in 1959. The our bodies had been discovered removed from their camp, some with their garments eliminated. Some imagine there have been paranormal elements at play.

15. Black-Eyed Children.

Black-Eyed Children.


These kids with distinctly coloured eyes will eat you entire should you occur to ask them into your private home or car. Didn’t your mom ever inform you to not speak to unusual kids?

16. The Taman Shud Case.

The Taman Shud Case.


In 1948, a physique of a person washed up on the shores of Australia. To this present day, no person is aware of who this man was or the place he even got here from. The one clue discovered was in his pocket—a written message that mentioned “taman shud,” which suggests “completed” in Persian.

17. Benjaman Kyle.

Benjaman Kyle.


Talking of mysterious males, Benjaman Kyle is a Georgian man present in 2004. He has no household neither is there any technique to establish who he’s. As Wikipedia places it, “he’s the one American citizen formally lacking regardless of his whereabouts being identified.” How did that even occur?

18. Clinton Road.

Clinton Road.


This street encompasses a good mixture of quite a few tales of the paranormal…and in addition the longest site visitors gentle wait in America. Appears chill.

19. Joyce Vincent.

Joyce Vincent.


In 2001, she give up her job. In 2002, she stopped speaking to family and friends. In 2006, she was discovered useless in her condominium with the TV nonetheless left on. In 2015, you’re studying this and also you’re like, “Waaahh?”

20. June And Jennifer Gibbons.

June And Jennifer Gibbons.


By some means out-creeping Escape to Witch Mountain, the Gibbons twins had been so shut that they developed their very own particular language that solely the 2 of them might perceive. They ultimately determined that they had been so shut that solely one in all them might dwell. A sacrifice was made.

21. UVB-76.



This radio frequency transmits pointless, monotonous tones all day lengthy, with random spurts of what sound like Russian voices talking. What are these secret codes? No one is aware of for positive.

We advocate not studying all of those pages in a single sitting, or else you’ll go down a Wikipedia gap that will by no means finish. Within the English Wikipedia alone, there are 4.8 million articles, so if we missed something creepy, tell us within the feedback!

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