Taxi driver

taxi driver 8002

A lady and her 7 years previous son have been inside a Taxi. It was raining and all of the twilight women have been standing by the roadside.

The Boy requested; “Mummy, what are all these  ladies doing?.”

His Mom replied; “They’re ready for his or her husbands to come back again from work.”

The Taxi driver circled and mentioned; “Why do not you inform him the reality?. Little boy, they’re prostitutes, they sleep with males for cash.”

The Boy’s eyes received huge and requested; “Mummy is that true?”

His mom, obvious onerous on the driver replied; “Sure.!!”

After a couple of minutes, the boy requested; “Mummy, what occurs to the infants these ladies have?.”

She replied; “Most of them turn out to be Taxi drivers.

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