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The American yellow college bus is an establishment on this planet. These outdoors the US who don’t see the view on the road actually on tv, with characters like Otto in The Simpsons. Colours not solely add to the aesthetic attraction of issues, however additionally they make our life aContinue Reading

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Henry and Linda McCartney guests starred in the episode “Lisa the Vegetarian” in 1995. While traveling to with Lisa, Paul describes that if you play the tune “Maybe I’m Amazed” in reverse, you’ll hear a recipe ingredients for a delicious lentil broth. The song plays within the episode’s ending creditsContinue Reading


Q: What did Kim Kardashian find out about marriage? A: It places a hoop on a girl’s finger and two beneath her eyes! Q: What does Kim Kardashian and my automotive have in frequent? A: They each have junk of their trunks. Q: Why do not the Kardashians like SantaContinue Reading

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In 1997, The Simpsons had an episode where Lisa showed a magazine with what looked like a terrible event that would happen 4 years later. One bully was texting another in The Simpsons to “Beat up Martin” on their Newton, a person assistant made by Apple in the 90s. Instead,Continue Reading