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Why do people like bondage? The psychology of bondage and BDSM

Bondage changes the balance of power. A stronger partner can be rendered helpless, which in itself can be an unusual and responsible experience. A naturally active person made passive or vice versa. This also opens new horizons of touch, emotional possibilities, sensual and imaginative. If I had to pick one reason for the introduction of slavery into another relationship “vanilla”, it would probably be it. Do not underestimate how this unique and powerful experience can be the first round of time.

Many of us, especially women, are raised with the idea of ​​guilt about sex, or at least with respect to certain acts or behaviors: “nice girls do not do that” mentality . Bondage can be used to atone for this guilt by providing the convenient excuse of being tied up and therefore “incapable” of resisting, safe word not resist. Thus, the social constraints are removed: freedom from bondage!

The strings can hug the body like the embrace of a lover creating a sense that is safe and comforting. Often, once the most restrictive slavery was abolished, the sub hesitate to abandon the safety harness.

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The strings can be used to stroke during link or unlink when they are pulled through the body and in particular the most sensitive areas. It can be used to cover the entire spectrum of pleasure to pain. fraying rope can be used for running and tickle. One or more strands of rope can provide everything a whip effectively fortune.
Breast and genital bondage increases sensitivity, pleasure and pain, pulling on the tight skin. It also tends to present the target of your attention quite prominently and conveniently.

The placement of nodes may cause direct stimulation of the clitoris, perineum, anus, etc. This occurs either by touch or movement. gently twisting, pulling or pressing strategic strings allows you to provide your own input. You quickly notice that particular nodes are favorites to fight against. The application of a vibrator to the ropes or knots can really increase the effect. The surprise is that the use of a vibrator on places seemingly innocuous can have dramatic consequences, because the rope transmits fine vibrations.

The experience can be very meditative. This can be deepened if the sub Dom and take time to connect embracing quietly, relaxation and synchronization of breathing. meditative techniques can be used. A good scene will generate a strong link between Dom and under.

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We are used to being able to gesticulate or scratch our own itches. Not being able to move is an unusual experience for most of us. It focuses the mind in a unique way. It is not uncommon for a sub to be in a dream state and relaxed after a session, known as “rope stoned” or in spaced. It is often said that a bondage session is very relaxing and de-stressing.

Bondage, especially the Japanese form, Shibari, can be considered an art form. It can accentuate the beauty of the human body. The results can be superb, a fact appreciated not only by the Dom and sub, but also the spectators.

Slavery and submission are naturally free. Being tied up and helpless in the hands of Dom added edge to the game and is very symbolic of submission. The feeling of being made to feel exposed and available is particularly acute in positions such as open leg ties.

Like most areas of BDSM, exercise requires a sufficient level of confidence. In fact, as you allow yourself to be made powerless to resist, more confidence than required for most activities. One advantage of BDSM games is that they help to develop deeper levels of trust with your partner.

The easement itself can be used as a control tool. The rope, in particular junctions or nodes on the back and chest, can make great “handles” that allow a slot control very dominant manner. It can also be used as leader. When a post is used to tie the wrists and ankles style leg open, it can be used to (carefully) back a person sitting in a very vulnerable way into the air position.

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The effect to be bound in an unbalanced position, while being supported by all the top by a safety rope safety can be quite dramatic psychologically, especially if blindfolded.

For many, the kick is in the call of their fetish chosen method used. For example, body bags, straight-jackets or chastity devices.
It is also essential to role play. After all, without some form of restraint many games, such prisoner or kidnap scenarios, it would miss the major element and what fun would that be? Of course, the appropriate restrictions are themselves important in the creation of fantasy.


Bondage can be a prelude to or as a facilitator of the SM play, and not an end in its own right. However, it can also be used to inflict discomfort, both physically and mentally, for example uncomfortable or humiliating positions.
Challenge and escape

There is also something that appeals to Houdini in many people, the challenge and the struggle to try to escape. Jim Stewart, author and founder of Fetters, is a big proponent of this aspect of holding games. In his book “I like to be tied up – so what? “It explores a wide range of ingenious scenarios and constraints, including modified motorcycle clothing and diving equipment. Many games involve his stamina and psychologically difficult, eg kidnapping, military interrogation, some are even competitive. Many aficionados are fighting against their very erotic constraints, but for others it is simply a game for adults.

Thousands of people ask Netflix to cancel Amazon Prime Good Omens

More than 20,000 Christians have signed a petition for the cancellation of Good Omens, the television series adapted from the fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman of 1990, which unfortunately is directed to Netflix when the series is made by Amazon Prime.

The six-part series was released last month, starring David Tennant as the demon Crowley and Michael Sheen as the angel Aziraphale, who collaborate to prevent the arrival of the antichrist and an impending apocalypse. Pratchett’s last request to Gaiman before he died was that he adapt the novel they wrote together; Gaiman wrote the script and worked as a showrunner in the BBC / Amazon co-production, which Radio Times called “a devilishly funny love letter to the book.”

But Christians organized by the Return to Order campaign, a branch of the United States Foundation for a Christian civilization, do not agree. More than 20,000 supporters have signed a petition saying Good Omens is “another step to make satanism seem normal, light and acceptable,” and “mocks the wisdom of God.” God, they complain, it is “expressed by a woman” – Frances McDormand – the antichrist is a “normal child” and, most importantly, “this kind of video brings to light Truth, Error, Good and Evil , and it destroys the barriers of the horror that society still has for the devil. “They are calling Netflix to cancel the program.

Return to Order is based on the writings of author John Horvat II. “He calls on Americans to put the principles into practice by working towards what is called an organic Christian society.” Another request in April called on Walmart to “stop selling satanic products” after a protest in 2018 against a “blasphemous ice cream chain called Sweet Jesus.”