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Donald Trump sues writer for $5 billion calling him millionaire

In 2005, the New York Times reporter Tim O’Brien according to a book called “Trump Nation” that Donald Trump was worth at most $ 250 million when Trump and others said he was a billionaire. Trump sued the journalist for more than $ 5 billion.

A typically thunderous gesture skyscraper orange haired mogul and star of the US version of The Apprentice. But when brought before the lawyers to give testimony in the case and explain how he enjoyed his empire, he gave answers that would have an accountant blush.

In the 2007 deposition, made public before a hearing yesterday, Donald Trump said he uses “mental projections” to estimate the value of its properties, admitted exaggerating the success of its business ( “Who would not?”) and said his perception of his own “brand value” personal rises and falls with his mood. The result is that the real value of Mr. Trump is more mysterious than ever, at a time when he fights to save many real estate transactions of recession and has seen its Atlantic City casinos bankrupt company.

Mr. Trump said that anyone who claims that he is not a billionaire undermining his business, and that the allegations in TrumpNation, a book by New York Times reporter Timothy O’Brien, had cost him lucrative contracts through the world. Mr. O’Brien and his publishers were in a New Jersey court yesterday arguing that his trial is ridiculous, and ask a judge to dismiss the claims of the mogul for $ 5 billion in damages.

Mr. O’Brien wrote that Donald Trump was worth a quarter billion at best and perhaps not more than $ 150. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump said its banks and casino regulators Atlantic City as his companies worth $ 3.6 billion – and say any journalist who asked it was worth 6 billion $.

The difference, he explained, is that its “brand value” personal equivalent to about $ 2 billion. “There are those who say the brand value is very, very valuable,” he said at the depot, and added: “My net worth fluctuates, and it goes up and down with markets and with attitudes and feelings, even my own feelings “.

With lawyers preparing for yesterday’s hearing, Mr. Trump remained belligerent weekend. Talking to the Wall Street Journal, he promised that O’Brien “wish he had never heard of this goddam book.”

In the deposition, Donald Trump was confronted with the evidence, in public interviews, he had exaggerated his participation in some of the properties that bear his name. There are Trump brand skyscrapers, casinos, golf clubs and other businesses around the world, but many outside investors or bank loans underlying them. An assessment of Deutsche Bank, on concluding a loan for a property that Mr. Trump was worth $ 788m. He said Deutsche did not count all his possessions.

There was also a skirmish on the meaning of the word “average.” While he has publicly stated that development apartment was selling $ 1 300 per square foot on average, he admitted that “on some units, I averaged $ 300 1” – meaning that it was very likely more close to a better price than an average.

The developer asked if he ever exaggerated in statements about its properties. “I think everyone does. Who would not? ” he said. “Do you want that I say,” Oh, gee, the building is not going well, blah, blah, blah, come through the building. “-? Nobody talks that way who would never talk that way “

There may be an ancient Earth inside the Earth

A team of scientists at Harvard University believes they have found evidence that there is an ancient Earth within our planet. The team believes that a previously unexplained isotopic relationship from deep within the Earth could be a signal of the material before our world collided with another body the size of a planet, which led to the creation of the Moon. This could be an echo of an ancient Earth that existed 4,500 million years ago, before the proposed collision.

The current favored theory says that the Moon was formed 4.5 billion years ago when the Earth collided with a mass the size of Mars, nicknamed “Theia”. This theory states that the heat generated by the collision would have melted the entire planet before some of the debris splintered to create the Moon.

But now, the Harvard team, led by Associate Professor Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, believes they have found evidence that only part of the Earth melted and that an old part still exists within the mantle of the planet.

According to Professor Mukhopadhyay: “The energy released by the impact between Earth and Theia would have been enormous, certainly enough to melt the entire planet. But we believe that the impact energy was not distributed evenly throughout the ancient Earth. This means that a large part of the impacted hemisphere would probably have vaporized completely, but the opposite hemisphere would have been partially protected, and would not have completely melted. ”

The team analyzed the proportions of noble gas isotopes from deep within the Earth’s mantle and compared the results with the isotope ratios closest to the surface. They found that the ratio of 3He to 22Ne from the shallow mantle is significantly higher than the equivalent ratio within the mantle.
second earth
Professor Mukhopadhyay commented: “This implies that the last giant impact did not completely mix the mantle and there was not an entire ocean mantle of magma.”

More evidence comes from the analysis of the relationship of 129-Xenon to 120-Xenon. The material that reaches the surface from the deep mantle has a lower proportion than is normally found near the surface. Because 129-xenon is produced by the radioactive decay of 129-iodine, the isotopes locate the age of formation of the ancient mantle section within the first 100 million years of Earth’s history.

“The geochemistry indicates that there are differences between the isotope ratios of noble gases in different parts of the planet, and these must be explained. The idea that a very disruptive collision of the Earth with another body the size of a planet, the largest event in the geological history of our planet, was not completely fused and homogenized, challenges some of our notions about the formation of planets and the energy of giant impacts. “If the theory is correct, we may be seeing echoes of the ancient Earth, from a moment before the collision,” said Professor Mukhopadhyay.

Biggest painting theft – The Scream – Edvard Munch

On August 22, 2004, the Munch Museum scream was stolen, along with Munch’s Madonna. Museum officials expressed the hope that they would review the picture, believing that thieves might be able to demand ransom. On 8 April 2005, the Norwegian police arrested a suspect in connection with the robbery. On April 28, 2005, it was rumored that thieves burned both paintings to conceal evidence. On 1 June 2005, the city government of Oslo offered a reward of 2 million Norwegian kroner (about 250,000 euros) for any information to locate the paintings.

At the beginning of 2006, six men with a criminal record had to be tried, accused of helping to plan or execute the robbery. Three of the men were convicted and sentenced to between four and eight years in prison in May 2006. Two of the convicted art thieves, Bjørn Hoen and Petter Tharaldsen, were also sentenced to pay 750 million kroner ( 122 million US dollars) to the city. of Oslo, where the paintings used to be.

Both paintings were found slightly damaged.

Woman claims she gets her energy from breathing

Audra Bear, 25, has tried various weight-loss diets for years in an effort to achieve optimal health. Previously, he tried veganism and then became raw vegan for four years before he discovered pranic life and breatharianism eight months ago. However, a nutritionist has since warned against lifestyle, saying it is “unhealthy and can be dangerous if sustainable from time to time.” After reading stories about people who follow lifestyle, Audra, from Minnesota, USA, was interested but never thought she could do it because of her love for food. But eight months ago, everything began to change when he found fasting and breathing to receive energy and food, even though there was no scientific evidence that it worked.

“Living in a pranic lifestyle is about changing your focus from feeding your body to more dense sources (food) to more dense (energy) sources, while remembering that food is not bad, you can enjoy food if you want but abundance comes by knowing that you don’t need it to survive. I have heard about people living this way but I never thought it would be me! I used to love eating. “Not until I started practicing breathing exercises, I realized that I did not have an appetite for solid or solid food.

Living a pranic lifestyle

“You can eat if you choose to, for entertainment or social arrangements, knowing your energy comes from the power of life around you. Almost every day I only drink tea, fruit juice, green juice, and fresh coconut water. I do eat sometimes now, but more for reasons of celebration. “Prana means energy and according to practice when inhaling, people breathe oxygen and prana found in all air and space.

Lifestyle hoses claim to be kept from prana and no longer depend on other food sources but still consume water and juice. Audra added: “I always do breath training sessions first thing in the morning. I had a slow, consciously controlled slow diaphragm for 45 minutes.

“I’m sure everyone has in some ways, we all breathe every day, that keeps us alive. “I feel like many people eat from habits not always because they feel they need them. That’s how this lifestyle can free up so much time, money, and energy for you to love, express, make and play.

“This is not about restrictions or living in shortcomings. Living this way is very far from traditional life but lifestyle also brings so much abundance, health, and happiness. That’s where my focus will always be. ”

“While the evidence for the diet in terms of preventing disease is still lacking, there is varying evidence and a balanced diet including fruit and vegetables, whole grains, good sources of protein such as oily fish, nuts and beans, some milk or milk alternatively, some unsaturated fats and the intake of low fat processed meats, processed oats, salt, saturated fats and sugary foods and drinks are associated with better health outcomes. “

Do women blink more than men?

Women have power when they have to wink: Although rumors of “more women blinking” are hard to support with scientific facts, it is popularly believed that women’s blindfolds are more productive than their male counterparts, flashing twice as much. The numbers vary for the number of times a person blinks in one minute, but the average number is estimated to be 15 or once every four seconds, although this can increase when a person is anxious, nervous or tired. In addition to the reported age of multiple blinks, Men’s Heath reports that women who use birth control pills flash 32 percent more often than women who don’t take pills.

Scientists say it does not matter if you are a man or a woman. They say that everything depends on the person in question. You can do tests involving groups of men and women, but what would the results say?

Nervous people often blink more often than others. It’s a sign of their emotion. Sometimes, even if people talk to each other, the flashing frequency is taken into account if the other person is nervous. Thus, the blink rate depends on the variance between different categories of people, such as the work people do, the environment in which they live and many other factors.

So, do women blink more than men? It is safe to say that there is no evidence to support this claim.