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South Park Has Been Banned In China For Their Joke

Always count on South Park to take the biggest stock they can find to the biggest wasp nest they can see…if your pissing people off, you know they are listening!

South Park recently released an episode called “Band in China.” Criticism comes in many shapes and sizes. And, as time travel, forms more to develop. South Park so, the adult animated series on the theme covering 23 seasons is one of the most unique ways to express criticism, namely the critique of pop culture, politics, and a host of other topics in the form of satire and dark humor surreal. However, the criticism, but a healthy thing, tends to feel unpleasant or, in some cases, offensive and even if it is portrayed in unorthodox ways mentioned above. Which is why South Park is in the news today.

In the show, the actors Kyle, Cartman, Stan, Kenny and form a successful metal band and try to become large in China. Unfortunately, they have to adapt their music to be up to the standards and requirements of the Chinese government.

With the Chinese authorities constantly on their shoulders, they eventually get fed and decide it is not worth living in a world where art is controlled by the Chinese government.

Moreover, the episode contains a subplot with Randy, the father of one of the protagonists travel to China to develop its marijuana business. China has strict laws on drugs, so he detained and sent to a prison camp. There he meets Winnie the Poo who was jailed for research as general secretary of China.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6DI6XuvCwE[/embedyt]
That prompted a response against the official Twitter account of South Park in the old South Park fashion:

How could “rapper” 6ix9ine be able to hide in witness protection

Ultimately the protection of witnesses is a voluntary program and Tekashi must decide whether to go this route. Remember it has a daughter and a mother and siblings who probably still live in Brooklyn, to be covered by Nine Trey and any other number of unsavory individuals.

At the end of the day when he will be targeted by a number of gangs across the United States, and will be constantly followed by TMZ and other media do not care if they give away its location, my best bet is -it just moves to a beautiful city in New Jersey near New York and lives in a building with a doorman, and did his best to protect his family.

Ultimately these gangs are not the Cosa Nostra, and their scope and resources are quite limited. We live in a fast food culture medium and there are strangely much of his fan base that does not care about his snitching, and I just want him to go back to trolling and generally making Instagram entertaining as was when he was out. Remember that it is mostly white children time in the suburbs anyway going to his concerts and consumption of content.

  • The majority of people will testify against will still be in jail when he comes out – This means that people with the most to gain will be in the worst position to hurt him.
  • It will take some of the tattoos removed or altered – Everyone is looking to follow in his tattoos will be disappointed because they different or missing.
  • While in prison, he would be encouraged to take courses and learn not to be a gangster – If you change who you are, you can become almost invisible to people looking for who you were.
  • The program relocate him in an area of ​​the country that has enough Latinos where it will not stand out, but not so much where it will be instantly recognized – So Los Angeles New York and Houston are out. A dozen small towns, especially where it has never been before.

How The Lives Of US Muslims Changed After 9/11 – US Muslims and people of color turned to Twitter to tell the stories of how their lives were changed

Terrorists are not Muslims. They do not stand for Islam. They stand for their culture and brainwashed ideologies. Islam is not an ethnicity and it is not a country. Colour is not religion, neither is ethnicity. Religions do not preach hatered. Cultural aspects are not religious nor is Islam a culture. Islam is against terrorism. Don’t have the billions of people that have nothing to do with the terrorists, if terrorists said they were doing something in the name of pinnaples then you wouldn’t hate pinnaples. If there is anyone that hates terrorism and terrorists the most are the real Muslims that are taught to never even hurt a fly. This generation has such a great access to information but yet they rather watch TV and listen to far right extremists and racists than read things for themselves and find the truth about what things really are like.

The 9/11 terrorist attacks that devastated the US in 2001 had profound political, economic and social effects that still reverberate today. However, most people do not focus on the impact the attacks had on the social fabric of America, even though they were incredibly impactful.

American Muslims and people of color have turned to Twitter to tell the stories of how their lives have been changed by the 9/11 attacks. Using the #AfterSeptember11 and #After911 hashtags, they revealed the intense persecution they and their families face because of their religious beliefs, how they looked and how they dressed. The following is a list of the most poignant stories. Upvote those you feel most affected, and leave a comment with your thoughts about 9/11 and its effects on the US and the world below.

Budweiser Sexist Ads From The 50s And 60s : “Walk beside me, not behind me.”

America was just beginning to change. While the second wave”of feminism began in the ’60s, mainstream America was still very much a “man’s world.”

That attitude carried over into advertising, which did little to advance gender roles and ran ads that implied women were idiots who cared mostly about pleasing their men.

It might be difficult to imagine for younger generations but back in the 1950s, women conformed to clear gender roles. Popular culture and mass media were only reinforcing the messages of traditional ideals with patterns of repression and sexualization of women by men, and we still notice the result of that in many third-world countries and more conservative households, and it affects the self-confidence of women around the world.

Here are some of advertising’s most egregious Budweiser sexist ads from that era.

The Biggest Myths Men Still Believe About Sex

How many times a week do you think your best friend has sex? It’s a strange thing to imagine, but it’s the kind of question that Ipsos researchers asked many volunteers.

The results? Most people – men in particular – overestimate the frequency with which others have sex in relation to themselves. Bobby Duffy, social scientist and author of Perils of Perception, undresses and addresses this “remarkable mistake” in a BBC article.

“As part of Ipsos’ long-term studies, we asked the British and the United States to guess how often people aged 18 to 29 in their country had sex in the past four weeks. .

The average young male in both countries is that they have had sex 14 times in the last month. However, according to in-depth surveys of sexual behavior, the actual number is only five in Britain and four in the United States. ”

“Our hypothesis would mean that on average, young men have sex every other day – about 180 times a year – compared to the more mundane reality of nearly 50 times.”

But that’s not even our biggest mistake. As Duffy goes on to say, “Men are even more wrong to guess the sex lives of young women in both the United States and Britain.”

Men think that young women have sex 22 times a month in Britain and 23 times a month in the United States. But in reality, it’s about five times.
Why is there such a gap? Duffy says this might be due to his secret: “Unlike many other basic human behaviors, where we can get a better sense of social norms through observation, sex happens mostly behind well-closed doors.” BBC).

“Because we do not have access to much real comparative information, we turn to other” authoritative “sources: on-court or locker room discussions, questionable investigations, salacious media coverage, and pornography. These provide extreme examples and zany anecdotes that distort our view of reality. ”

He adds that cultural influences encourage women to minimize the number of men they slept with and encourage men to strengthen their own account, a phenomenon that The Atlantic and Salon have both explored in detail, thus breaking down myths. . women have less libido than men.

Women’s sexuality is not the rational, civilized and balancing force it has so often claimed … it is low, animal and voracious, all we have said to each other about male sexuality” (Salon).

However, despite this, studies show that men make fewer choices than women when it comes to sleeping lightly, suggesting that even if women want to have sex just as much as men, they often have less sex. confidence in them.

The solution? Research and social psychologists agree that it is important to better understand each other’s desires so that women around the world feel more comfortable in “getting” them and for men. cease to be under pressure.