Caps Lock News Will Now Require A Justifiable $1400 Payment

A $1400 payment will now be required to view our website, Facebook page, twitter profile, and Instagram account. Our OnlyFans will stay at the same pricing model.

Sure, Caps Lock News used to be free, but our accountant said we need to bring in more revenue. That’s why our content will have a one time payment of $1400. This has nothing to do with the stimulus checks that Joe Biden is sending out with the covid-19 relief bill.

The $1400 payment will get you a lifetime subscription to our content. Sure, our content mostly sucks, but once in a blue moon we a get piece of content out there. That’s worth more than $1400 if you ask me.

If you’re unable to cough up $1400 due to “family”, “unemployment”, “food because you’re starving”, or whatever stupid reason, then a social media follow will suffice. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. That will get you locked in.