Storm Area 51- They Can’t Stop All of Us – UFO fans gather in Nevada

storm area 51
storm area 51

In the last of the strange and crazy on the Internet, a Facebook event entitled “Storm Zone 51, they can not stop all” went viral. Over 1.3 million people have indicated that they are going to this event joke 3 pm on September 20 to organize a joint invasion of the military base and finally “see foreigners. ”

Local residents are “preparing for the worst” fans Viral Storm Area 51 Facebook event down on a town near the secret military base. The event could become a disaster that people struggling with difficult conditions in Nevada without proper preparation, they warned.

Local officials have already signed emergency declarations in response to the event, and local residents warned people not to come. But the event is still likely to prove popular, leading people to take precautions against anything that might happen.

At least two people were arrested by members of the local sheriff to a door at Area 51 in Nevada after about 75 people gathered at the site Friday morning.

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A rally weekend is going on in the desert after an Internet hoax released in June invited people to “storm” the military installation once secret. The place is the center of the popular traditions of the foreign government studies the life and extraterrestrial space.

In June, 20 Matty Roberts, a student from Bakersfield, California, posted a tongue in cheek event on Facebook.

The name of the Facebook event was “Storm Zone 51, they can not stop all”. The plan, as the name suggests, was to load the base sufficient to bypass security.

Matty Roberts posted for Storm Area 51 Facebook event

Once inside the facility, the supposed secrets lurk within – the alien technology and research clandestine government – could finally be disclosed to the public. “Let’s see them foreigners,” the description of the event said, though casually.

A few days after its launch, the event has become a viral sensation, making headlines around the world.

Because the base is a classified military installation, nobody knows what is happening there. His goal has always been to “advance science and military technology and faster than any other foreign power is in the world,” Ms Jacobsen said. Her veil of secrecy led others to different conclusions.

“The basis remains a black box that no one can enter, it has become a kind of Rorschach test for whatever you want to believe.