Sensible Blonde Lady

Smart Blonde Joke
Sensible Blonde Joke

A sensible blonde girl is driving along a country road, out in rolling hills of the Midwest, when she sees some motion off within the distance. As she will get nearer, she realizes that it’s one other blonde girl in a rowboat in the midst of a subject rowing the boat like loopy.

She stops her automobile together with the street and will get out. She yells out to the blonde within the rowboat, “What the &$%# are you doing?” The blonde within the boat, clearly flustered, yells again, “I’ve acquired to rush up and get dwelling in meal time or I shall be in actual hassle!”

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The blonde together with the road is aggravated. “I am unable to consider this! You’re out in the midst of a subject in a row boat! It is blondes such as you that give blondes like me a nasty identify! In truth, if I may swim, I might swim on the market and kick your butt!”

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