Really False Info That Everybody Believes


1. Bulls Are Enraged By The Color Pink

2. Lightning By no means Strikes The Identical Place Twice.

3. You Can’t Fold A Piece Of Paper In Half Extra Than 7 Occasions.

4.Christopher Columbus Found America.

5.Consuming Much less Than An Hour Earlier than Swimming Will increase The Danger Of Muscle Cramps And Drowning

6. Physique Warmth Dissipates Primarily By means of the Head.

7. The Nice Wall of China Is the Solely Man-made Object Seen from Area.

8. Glass Is a Gradual-moving Liquid.

9. Mom Birds Will Abandon Infants if You Contact Them.

10. Totally different Components of Your Tongue Detect Totally different Tastes.

11. Individuals Thought the World Was Flat Earlier than Columbus.

12. Deoxygenated Blood Is Blue.

13. Chameleons Change Shade to Mix in with Environment.

14. People Have 5 Senses.


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