Real Life GTA : Ryan Stone sentenced to 160 years in prison

Ryan Stone sentenced to 160 years in prison
Ryan Stone sentenced to 160 years in prison

Ryan Stone pushed things too far when he tried to imitate GTA in real life. Ryan Stone stole several cars to launch a high speed chase against the cops. Stone, 30, was prosecuted and sentenced to 160 years in prison.

However, recordings of conversations at Ryan Stone’s Friday sentencing hearing revealed a man who bragged about doing international news and depreciating victims in his case. Stone will likely be eligible for parole after 75 years, prosecutors said.

A Douglas County jury sentenced Stone on 18 charges in April, including attempted manslaughter, first degree assault and child abuse. During the March 2014 pursuit, Stone reached a speed of 100 mph as he ran on his shoulders and raced at full speed.

“You held that community hostage for 90 minutes that day,” Judge Paul King of Douglas County told Stone before convicting him.

The lawsuit began in Longmont, where Stone stole an SUV – carrying a 4-year-old boy strapped into a car seat – at a gas station. He stole two more vehicles before the end of the chase.

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Private Bellamann Hee was seriously injured when Stone hit the soldier while driving at 90 mph. Hee had deployed a device to deflate the tires of the vehicle that Stone was driving shortly before being hit by the car. His leg was broken in 20 places. If Hee had been hit in another way, he would probably have been killed, prosecutors said.