Quick Survival Guide for the Zombie Apocalypse

quick survival guide for the zombie apocalypse 13265
quick survival guide for the zombie apocalypse 13265

Know your Enemy

The zombie virus, does not travel by air. But it does travel by saliva, hence bites and scratches are deadly.
Once you have been infected, symptoms take 10-25 hours to start appearing. After that you have less than a day until you die.
Reanimation then occurs roughly 3 hours after death. Amputations don’t work, don’t even bother.
If someone is infected in your party, its best to isolate them and bind them. Animals cannot get infected by the virus, luckily.

The Survival Kit

A survival kit can make a hopeless situation seem hopeful. Here are the items which you should have at all times.
A non-serrated knife, Medikit – Cleaning spray, bandages, pain killers, antiseptics etc., a firearm , a box of rations , rain proof boots, mirror, sleeping bag, bottles of water, GPS.

The Ideal Weapon

From kitchen knives to flamethrowers, the list never ends.
Flamethrowers are heavy and huge to carry, and where will you find fuel for it in a post-zombie world?
The singular best weapon is a machete. Most of them use blackened blades which are hard to spot at night, they are non-serrated so the blade doesn’t get stuck inside a zombie.
So if you want to carry a gun, carry a bolt action rifle. They can easily be attached with a bayonet addon.

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Leave town

If the zombie infestation caught you in a big town, you must leave immediately.
It’s one thing to face 10 zombies, but another thing to face 1.0000.000 zombies.
Best thing is to go to the country. Farms are quite easy to defend, and the open spaces won’t let you get caught by surprise.

Dealing with other Survivors

If you find other survivors join them, or trade with them. Contrary to movies, humans don’t turn into monsters during a crisis.
At the same time be cautious, if they ask you to lay down your arms. Avoid getting too emotionally attached to other survivors because death comes quick in this world.
Since the economy will collapse, the most appropriate form of currency will be ammunition and ciggarettes. .
Just remember that it is always easier to survive in packs, forget the lone wolf nonsense.
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