Please, someone get me out of here

please someone get me out of here 14306
please someone get me out of here 14306

To anyone that's reading this, I've made a horrible mistake, and I need help.

Never once in my life did I ever think I'd be in this position. Crouched in a closet with a blanket over my head to hide the glow of my phone, which I'm using to type this. I called the police hours ago, and yet I'm still here alone… Locked in this damn apartment, waiting for it to find me and take me away… Cierra… Chris… They're both gone, it got them. I'm all alone. I'm alone, with it. Her. God damnit somebody please get me out of here.

I doubt anyone seeing this story read my last one. "The Swallow's". I guess you could say it's a series now. That story gives lots of context if you have none here… Nobody believed it was fucking true, but look now! I'm back! But this isn't how I want to be remembered. I will not die here. Not now, not tonight. God damnit where do I even start…

Okay, breathing deep but quietly. For about two years I lived in this apartment, and during all that time, I had some crazy paranormal encounters that I, myself, even struggle to believe now. Like the child looking in the second story window of the bathroom late one night, or the figure standing in my sister's doorway. Getting trapped in the basement, or caught in a bulkhead as it slammed shut, or worst of all, the whispering, beckoning me into the vacant doctors office, down below our apartment.

Two weeks ago, two friends and I came up with the wonderful idea of coming back here. I wanted to get proof for people that my stories were true… But we got more than we bargained for. Only 3 days ago did we ask Dr. Robinson to let us spend a night in, what is now his office. He was hesitant at first, but reluctantly agreed, and so tonight, February 6, 2017 we arrived at 6 o'clock.

We were let in by the custodian Reggie, and we made our way upstairs where we set up sleeping bags in the old living room, though we weren't planning on sleeping at all. We had two cameras, given to us by the school. We made sure to have food, water, everything… But we didn't even ask for keys.

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For the first few hours tonight, everything went fine. It was pretty dark, but the place isn't abandoned so it did have electricity. It's full of boxes, some chairs. Your average doctors office storage space.

Chris, Cierra and I started our night playing truth or dare. I went to the kitchen and cooked up some steak. We ate together, played a few more games, and then at 9:30, Chris suggested we take out the cameras. We were set up with one camera positioned in the hallway looking toward my old room door, and the other was carried by Cierra. In the living room, we had set up an Xbox Kinect, because I'd read that they could be very useful in paranormal investigations.

The original plan was to stick together. The apartment is not large. There aren't really any places to hide, and there's nowhere to run, as it's just a big circle. Our goal was to continuously walk around the loop, starting at my bedroom. Down the hall, take a left into the living room, pass through the little bathroom, into my sister's old room, and back to my old room. So, for a while, that's what we did. In fact, for hours that's what we did.

At 2 o'clock, we gave up, and decided to take turns sleeping. Two people would keep each other awake, and the other would sleep for an hour and a half. I slept first.

That's when it began. I woke up, and quickly remembering my situation, checked my watch. The glowing screen read 4:15. They were supposed to wake me up at 3:30. Had they fallen asleep? But that's when I realized it. My watch screen had been glowing. The lights were off.

I froze. There were no voices, I could feel no bodies next to my own. But I heard crying. Over in the corner of the room. My blood ran cold, god fucking damnit this was 20 minutes ago. I laid for a minute to let my eyes adjust. The streetlamp outside shown in the window, and cast long shadows through the living room. I looked over to the corner, and as my eyes slowly focused, I saw a silhouette huddled in the corner. It was Chris. But he was not crying.

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The crying was coming from the hallway. I asked him if Cierra was out there, and his finger shot to his lips. The crying stopped. That's when I noticed the blood. A long line of blood, trailing from where Cierra had been sitting. It stretched down the stairs, and into the office beneath us.

It's sad to say my first thought was not about her being killed, or seriously wounded. It was about the fact that I was involved in something big. How was I going to handle the news stations, or the police about this. I reached out my hand to touch the blood, and suddenly, something amazing happened.

The room exploded with light. Glowing orbs every which way. Floating above us, a plethora of colors, some I've never even seen before, and couldn't even try to describe to you. While I sat in awe, Chris huddled closer to the walls. He curled his head into his arms and began sobbing.

My eye was caught by something else. The Kinect. On the TV I could see the bodies of not just Chris. But two people. And then it came in. It stepped into the doorway. It's eyes a solid black, it's hair knotted and greasy, a noose, hanging off her neck. Her head was ever so cocked to the side as she released the most blood curdling, horrific shriek I've ever heard in my life. She grabbed Chris, and in one swift motion, threw him against the bricks of the fireplace. What I saw next, was something straight out of a science fiction film. The way it crawled over to Chris's body, as he slowly became conscious again. The way it crouched above him, as his body began to slowly bubble and turn black. I've never heard someone scream louder than Chris did in that moment. As the bubbles on his skin began popping, and she practically began absorbing the blood right out of them. His body began to shrivel, as she sucked everything, including the life right out of him.

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What used to be my best friend, was now nothing but what looked like an oversized lump of beef jerky on the floor before me.

There was nothing I could do, okay? I know I should have stepped in, but what the hell was I supposed to do??? I fucking ran. I bolted, through the kitchen, down the stairs to the door… But then it hit me. It's an old door. Takes keys to unlock from both sides. Reggie had locked the door for our own safety. How fucking ironic is that?

I managed my way back up the stairs and into my bedroom. I did not see her… It… On my way, but I could hear it. She's sobbing in the hallway. Her cries become softer and louder every few minutes as she walks between the rooms, and circles the loop of the apartment.

I'm sitting in my closet, and I can see the dawn through the crack in the door. I don't know why the police never answered my calls… Maybe she's blocking my service or something. Who knows when this story will even post. But now you know it's true. That camera is still set up in the hallway. I saw it just a few minutes ago upon making my way back to my room. Red light flashing. It recorded it. It recorded all of this. I know it did.

My watch says it's 4:39 right now. Reggie comes in at 6 to open the place up. Bout an hour and a half… That's not too long to wait, right? I refuse to die here. I'm sorry this was so rushed… But I've written it all in about 5 minutes. If I do survive, I will make another post soon to describe this all in greater detail.

On the likely chance though that these are my last few moments, Allison, I love you, so much. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. But please, for the love of god and everything I have ever done. Do NOT come looking for me. I love you Allison, okay?

I love you.

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