People On Twitter Are Naming Things That They Think Should Not Be Allowed To Exist And Here Are 51 Of The Best Ones

The universe is full of stuff. And some stuff is certainly more useful and more necessary than others. There are things that we need and have, then there’s stuff that we know we need, but don’t have, and then there’s stuff we know we don’t need.

But wait, there’s more. There’s also a fourth category—the stuff we are certain nobody on this planet really needs but for some reason exists. This is what Twitter has been discussing in a recent viral trend under the hashtag #StuffThatShouldNotExist.

Recently people started naming things that should not exist, but for some unknown reason are a thing. Besides all those taking a jab at Twitter’s image centering AI and everything that is wrong with the world, they have also shared pictures of things like carpets in bathrooms, Nicholas cage sequin pillows, and everything else that is either creepy, ugly or just plain useless.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the best entries in this new challenge, which you can peruse below. And while you’re doing that, why not also leave an upvote and comment under the ones you enjoyed the most!

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#1 Carpet Bathrooms

Image credits: sorairodj

#2 Plastic

Image credits: carlodorrito

#3 This Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow

Image credits: pixiebibliophi1

#4 “These Containers That The Entire World Can Hear You Opening”

Image credits: RewardingGrin

#5 This Dog Carrier

Image credits: HashtagLarkyn

#6 Covid-19

Image credits: YuGiOhV35

#7 Twinkle Tush For Cats

Image credits: GeneralCattis

#8 “This Monstrosity…”

Image credits: sharanya_saha_

#9 “LED Headlights Are Basically Brights. Talk About Being Blinded By The Lights…”

Image credits: petro_lauren

#10 “Have A Picnic Anywhere. Picnic Pants”

Image credits: anet2111

#11 Canned Bread

Image credits: KissKawaii

#12 Vampire Period Pads

Image credits: Crap_Locker

#13 Denture Earrings

Image credits: TheSeaRose

#14 Crocs High Heels

Image credits: senpaiyessir

#15 Swedish Fish Oreos

Image credits: Joonde_

#16 Food-Flavored Sodas

Image credits: personaugratin

#17 Umbrellas For Shoes

Image credits: FlindersEmma

#18 One Whole Chicken In A Can

Image credits: Royale_tea1

#19 “Stuffed Animals That Give Children Nightmares”

Image credits: personaugratin

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#20 Underpants For Your Hands

Image credits: causticbob

#21 Car Lashes

Image credits: RadicalGayLefty

#22 Peeps Flavored Pepsi

Image credits: ChrisTheScotian

#23 Dentures Hair Combs

Image credits: ThemDems

#24 Food Flavored Cotton Candy

Image credits: Linda9180

#25 Socks With Sandals

Image credits: SaucyWalker63

#26 The Shake Weight

Image credits: sfungster

#27 Mini Skirts With Baekhos Face On It

Image credits: nuestpancakes

#28 “I Present You Some Of The Most Cursed Things I’ve Ever Come Across”

Image credits: fchadfallout76

#29 The Baguette Pack

Image credits: brooklynbbh

#30 “This Tape Dispenser”

Image credits: asamples333

#31 “Whatever The [Fudge] Is Happening Here”

Image credits: sighsqueen1

#32 “Bicycle Seats, Hurts So Much”

Image credits: holybananapeel

#33 KFC With Spicy Chocolate Sauce

Image credits: holybananapeel

#34 “Whatever This Is”

Image credits: R0tXD

#35 Murder Hornets

Image credits: iamdanlevey

#36 Remote Control Headband

Image credits: FoxAkimbo

#37 “Come To Australia”

Image credits: Alenyaclassic

#38 “Nasty Peeps”

Image credits: SelinaSuede

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#39 “Blue Maple Syrup. Even If It Feels Fun”

Image credits: robinstillrocks

#40 “The Fact These Exist Is Worrying”

Image credits: Sparkles0123

#41 Minecraft On Mobile

Image credits: NotHumorousGuy

#42 Self-Watering Can

Image credits: Lisacaines841

#43 “An ‘Action Figure’ Of The Blob And Whoever Thought We Needed It”

Image credits: DT2ComicsChat

#44 “Aspic. It’s Jello But With Savory Stuff Instead Of Sweet…like Meat, Veggies, Broth Or Fish…it Was Popular In The 1950’s But The Fad (Thankfully) Fizzled Out By The 1970’s”

Image credits: random_snakes

#45 McChicken MacPoulet

Image credits: BeckyKillinit

#46 “Bug Snacks. Ew. Not Even Bacon Will Make This Palatable”

Image credits: WWlindaD

#47 Spicy Jellybeans

Image credits: Lavendermee3

#48 “I Don’t Care How Comfortable They Are. These Are The Ugliest Shoes Known To Man”

Image credits: dannieros3

#49 Pineapple On Pizza

Image credits: Boring_McJuicy

#50 Sour Altoids

Image credits: FluffyHacker

#51 White Colored Pencils

Image credits: WaffleMakesArt