Out of 9 People Only 1 Will Get To Live [Part 1]

out of 9 people only 1 will get to live part 1 14302
out of 9 people only 1 will get to live part 1 14302

As a rough hand ripped away the blindfold off of my face I looked around only to be met with complete darkness. Quiet whispers of prayers and begging came from all around me, but I couldn’t see who or what was making those noises. After a couple of seconds I heard a pair of footsteps walk across the room and suddenly light flooded into the room.

Pain automatically erupted from my eyes and I instantly shut my eyes. I held them shut until I felt a hand rub my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see an incredibly pale faced man staring right at me. He was maybe an inch away from me while he kept rubbing my shoulder and breathing into my face. When he took his hand off my shoulder he gave me a smile. His teeth were a deep yellow with black specks all around the edges of each tooth.

He took a couple of steps back and I looked around the room. With me included there were 9 people tied to a chair. We all looked confused and frightened. Our chairs formed a half circle, and the man stood in the middle of us. I took a look at the man standing in the middle of us. He was completely bald and had absolutely no facial hair. He had a nice suit on, but the jacket was ripped in multiple places. After a couple minutes of silence he suddenly clapped his hands and said, “Hello, I am now your god. I want you to engrave that into your head. I go by many names but just call me D. I want you all to look around. Those are now your enemies. You want them to fail. To die. Which one of you wants to live?” Two people to my right started to plead with him, but he held his hand up. One of the guys stopped begging, but the other man continued to beg.

D walked up to the pleading man and grabbed the back of his chair and threw him face down into the ground. Blood started to surround his head while D untied the rope from around his wrists and ankles. D then grabbed the man by his shirt and dragged him to the door. He grabbed him by the hair and jerked his head up. D silently whispered to the man, but the man whimpered in response. After slapping the man across the face D shouted in to his ear, “Do you know what is written on this door?” The man sobbed and said, “I don’t know what that means. I can’t even read it. Just please don’t kill me. I’m begging you.”

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With a chuckle D said, “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate" it means “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Oh! I have a bonus question for all of you. What is this quote from?” After a couple of seconds of silence he cleared his throat and said, “This is from a part of the greatest piece of literature ever created. Heard of Divine Comedy? Of course not. How about Inferno? No? Well everyone does tend to call it Dante’s Inferno. It’s this wonderful little tale about how a man goes through 9 circles of Hell. Each circle represented a type of sin. I loved the concept as soon as I heard about it! It made me quite excited, but it still felt like something was missing. Then one day I was struck by an idea! Instead of just one man going through this incredible journey why not have nine? So I have made a little competition.”

He stood around and watched us squirm with fear in our seats. A woman to my left started to whimper, but stopped immediately when D stared her down.

D walked up to the guy in the far left and tapped on his head. “Alex, you just love messing with people’s lives with your lovely wife don’t you?” He stops and turns to the lady next to Alex and patted the top of her head. “Oh sweet Kristy, if only you realized how many deaths you and Alex have caused. Making fun of them online. Telling them to kill themselves. Laughing when you happen to hear that the person you taunted last night killed themselves.” After he spit at their feet he moved to the next guy.

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Andreas, was next in line. He started off being addicted to watching Hentai, but quickly started to lose control. He was caught several times staring into the windows of women changing. Recently he started to flash himself to women around malls.

Then the person directly to the left of me. Gus, has already killed 14 people. You could tell from Gus’s eyes he had zero shame in what he had done. He stared D down with a look of pride and gave him a smile as D walked over to me.

My name is Grant, I am a kleptomaniac. I love stealing stuff. It has gotten bad to the point to where I have started to steal from houses I knew belonged to the elderly. I started to lose the feeling of guilt with each house I robbed. It was like a hobby to me. I wanted to stop, but I would always find myself outside of another person’s house at 2 in the morning.

D walked up to the other three and pointed at the man lying on the ground. We all looked at him and saw that he had stopped breathing. He looked at us and said “I did you a favor. He was the one that helped bring you all to me. He brought each and every one of you with his little sidekick here.” He tapped on the leg of the other man that was begging for his life. The man looked up and begged once more for his life, but D ignored him and continued to speak. “They brought each of you here. They did it for the money of course. Only 10k a person, but you see they are both consumed by greed. The guy on the floor was John and this lovely man’s name is Jeremy. Get to know him, but don’t kill him.”


He walked up to the final two and gave them a smile. With a much softer voice he said, “Jeremiah and Malcolm. You two have the purest soul out of all of them. I have added you to in because I want to see if you guys will break with enough pressure.” He gave each of them a kiss on their forehead and pointed up. We all looked up and saw over 40 people with guns aimed at us.

D untied us from our chairs and told us to remain still. Once he untied the last rope off of Malcolm he turned around and said, “Tomorrow I will tempt you with lust. It’s the first circle in the story! I’m so excited. You so much as show desire in your eyes you die. You are in the “Limbo” room now. This is not a safe zone. If my guys catch anyone of you sinning they will kill you. Alex and Kristy the same goes to you. I would suggest standing as far away as possible. I will have food sent to you, and you have one computer. You do not have any way of sending a message of help. We are in a place where locations can’t be tracked. You can contact whoever you want, but you will find out quickly it is useless.” He turned around and walked out of the room.

I have the computer for 2 hours. I decided to reach out to you guys.

Please. If you have any suggestions. Let me know.

Don’t send out help.

It won’t help.

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