Ok please, someone can please tell me wtf is this?

Ok please, someone can please tell me wtf is this?

Ok please, someone can please tell me wtf is this?

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33 thoughts on “Ok please, someone can please tell me wtf is this?

  1. -Antiheld- says:

    Maybe some kink? Or weird porn.

  2. hawkwings says:

    Don’t worry. All she has to do is say the safe word and they’ll let her go.

  3. spankenstein89 says:

    She’s a stamp licker at the post office.

  4. d3l3t3rious says:

    Fetish shit. She likes to bind, she likes to be bound.

  5. If you click on it, it’ll open a drop-down menu that gives you options to go to browser updates, logins and passwords, browser preferences and customizations, and other such things.

  6. Internetstranger9 says:

    I think she’s having a better time than you might suspect

  7. FeculentUtopia says:

    It’s called the Pbbbth Enhancer. It’s designed to enhance the ability to give raspberries, also known as the Bronx Cheer. You’ll see it in use during the third and fourth year of Clown College and at Acme Looniversity.

  8. lip and tongue torture

  9. Jeffry4lbuqori says:

    It’s the first trap in the Spiral: From The Book Of Saw

  10. sayaaahhh says:

    A fun Tuesday night?

  11. Smokeybearvii says:

    Punishment for telling a lie in Singapore?

  12. Prefect1969 says:

    She seems a bit tongue-tied

  13. Fuzzy_Muscle says:

    amazingly, it’s not a weird sex thing. 99% of all new human behaviors are weird sex things. But not in this… oh, no, it is a weird sex thing

  14. tailwalkin says:

    As Sylvester the Cat would say “suffering succotash!”

  15. tweaksource says:

    That is the fabled liptonguenoseificator device. Used in feudal Japan for centuries to punish insubordinate concubines.

  16. Phloyd456 says:

    Next level in Botox technology?

  17. HickorySplits says:

    It’s a Big Mac.

  18. sneekyleshy says:

    you know that menu button that’s on every website.

  19. Yes, tell us what it is *now*, or *remain silent forever*!

  20. Swollyghost says:

    This is obviously one of the final Kylie Jenner lip challenges.

  21. This is the Internet equivalent of getting lost in a bad-weird neighborhood.

  22. kampfgruppekarl says:

    JAV, you can probably get the code if you ask the right subreddits.

  23. the_warmest_color says:


  24. Maybe it’s Maybelline?

  25. It’s a xylophone for perverts.

  26. solaractivated says:

    You have to put that on before crawling to your boss and asking for a raise?

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