Notable Pc Quotes


If at first you do not succeed; name it model 1.0

The Web: the place males are males, girls are males, and kids are FBI brokers.

computerSome issues Man was by no means meant to know. For all the things else, there’s Google.

unzip; strip; contact; finger; mount; fsck; extra; sure; unmount; sleep – my each day unix command listing

… one of many important causes of the autumn of the Roman Empire was that, missing zero, that they had no method to point out profitable termination of their C applications. – Robert Firth

If Python is executable pseudocode, then perl is executable line noise.

The extra I C, the much less I see.

To err is human… to actually foul up requires the foundation password.

After Perl all the things else is simply meeting language.

If brute power does not resolve your issues, you then aren’t utilizing sufficient.

Life could be a lot simpler if we solely had the supply code.

Unix is user-friendly. It is simply very selective about who its associates are.

COBOL programmers perceive why girls hate intervals.

“Programming is like intercourse, one mistake and it’s important to assist it for the remainder of your life.” — Michael Sinz

There are 10 kinds of individuals on this planet: those that perceive binary, and those that do not.

640K should be sufficient for anyone. – This isn’t humorous by itself; however within the context it is a basic by Invoice Gates in 1981

Microsoft: You’ve got received questions. We have got dancing paperclips.

Microsoft just isn’t the reply. Microsoft is the query. NO is the reply. – Erik Naggum

Males are from Mars. Girls are from Venus. Computer systems are from hell.

SUPERCOMPUTER: what it appeared like earlier than you got it.

Windows95: It is like upgrading from Reagan to Bush.

Folks say Microsoft paid 14M$ for utilizing the Rolling Stones tune ‘Begin me up’ of their commercials. That is improper. Microsoft payed 14M$ just for part of the tune. For example, they did not use the road ‘You may make a grown man cry’.

I am not anti-social; I am simply not consumer pleasant

A printer consists of three important components: the case, the jammed paper tray and the blinking purple gentle

The perfect accelerator accessible for a Mac is one which causes it to go at 9.81 m/s2.

A pc allows you to make extra errors quicker than any invention in human historical past – with the attainable exceptions of handguns and tequila

1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d t0 g37 l41d

To go ahead, you should backup.

I’d love to vary the world, however they will not give me the supply code

A Home windows consumer spends 1/3 of his life sleeping, 1/3 working, 1/3 ready.

My software program by no means has bugs. It simply develops random options.

Higher to be a geek than an fool.

Home windows is not a virus, viruses do one thing.

Geek’s favourite pickup line: Hey, does this rag scent like chloroform?

Be good to geeks whenever you’re at school, you may end-up working for one whenever you grow-up.

Distinction between a virus and home windows ? Viruses not often fail.

Evolution is God’s means of issuing upgrades.

The one drawback with troubleshooting is that generally bother shoots again.

It is a little-known proven fact that the Y1K drawback induced the Darkish Ages.

The field stated ‘Required Home windows 95 or higher’. So, I put in LINUX.

Pc are like air conditioners: they cease working whenever you open home windows.

as soon as upon a midnight dreary, whereas i pron surfed, weak and weary,
over many an odd and spurious website of ‘sizzling xxx galore’.
Whereas i clicked my fav’ceremony bookmark, all of the sudden there got here a warning, and my coronary heart was stuffed with mourning, mourning for my expensive amour,
‘Tis not attainable!, i muttered, give me again my free hardcore!
quoth the server, 404.

Mac customers swear by their Mac,
PC customers swear at their PC.

Like car accidents, most {hardware} issues are attributable to driver error.

Relationship a lady is rather like writing software program. Every little thing’s going to work simply wonderful within the testing lab (courting), however as quickly as you may have contract with a buyer (marriage), then your program (life) goes to be going through new conditions you by no means anticipated. You may be pressured to patch the code (admit you are improper) after which the code (spouse) will simply find yourself all bloated and unmaintainable ultimately.

Actual males do not use backups, they put up their stuff on a public ftp server and let the remainder of the world make copies. – Linus Torvalds

There are 10 varieties of individuals on this planet, those who perceive trinary, those who do not, and those who confuse it with binary.

Should you give somebody a program, you’ll frustrate them for a day; should you educate them how one can program, you’ll frustrate them for a lifetime.

It’s simpler to vary the specification to suit this system than vice versa.

I had a fortune cookie the opposite day and it stated: ‘Outlook not so good’. I stated: ‘Positive, however Microsoft ships it anyway’.

The good factor about requirements is that there are such a lot of to select from.

The time period reboot comes from the center age (earlier than computer systems). Horses who stopped in mid-stride required a boot to the rear to begin once more. Thus the time period to rear-boot, later abbreviated into reboot.

Programmers are instruments for changing caffeine into code.

The beauty of Object Oriented code is that it will probably make small, easy issues appear like massive, complicated ones.

Hacking is like intercourse. You get in, you get out, and hope that you simply did not depart one thing that may be traced again to you.

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