Nicolas Cage Singing ‘Purple Rain’

It’s in the midst of this dramatic upheaval that Cage took to an LA karaoke bar recently. Presumably to offload some of his frustrations with erstwhile partner Erika Koike, he was captured on video rage-singing Prince’s “Purple Rain.”

The beloved (but totally weird) National Treasure actor was filmed performing drunken karaoke following news of his spoiled nuptials. His song of choice? Prince’s iconic ballad “Purple Rain.” But Cage’s rendition was so off-key and cringe-inducing, we’re surprised Prince didn’t rise from his eternal slumber and slap the embittered actor back to his senses.

Nick Cage is the only celebrity I know who can start flushing his career down the shitter and be adored by the masses for it. Can’t help but respect him for it.

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