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It was March 11th, 2011 in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan. The day an earthquake rocked, a tsunami engulfed, and a nuclear power plant went into meltdown.

I am an explorer of the abandoned world. I search for remnants of what we leave behind when we relegate things to decay. I have explored many locations with sad tales and dark histories. I experience a wide range of emotions when I explore forgotten places, as I attempt to document the forgotten world. I immerse myself in the story of each location, in an attempt to present photos with context. Sometimes this is a happy partnership, other times it may uncover a painful past.

Nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming emotions I felt when I visited the disaster-stricken Fukushima region of Japan in 2019. Even a decade after the incident, the area bears the scars of that day.

I would like to share one story with you, that affected me the most. Of the several places I explored in Fukushima, there is one that sticks in my mind.

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#1 The School Stands Only A Few Hundred Meters From The Sea Front. The Floor Of The Sports Hall Has Collapsed In The Decade Since It Was Abandoned

DSC6632 HDR Edit 6048a530ed39c 700

As I stood in an abandoned school gym, I could see the Pacific Ocean only a few hundred meters away. Beautiful and calm when I visited. On March 11th, 2011 the staff made a brave decision. As the tsunami warning sirens sounded, protocol dictated they remain inside. The tsunami wall should protect them, or so it was thought. For some reason, perhaps some intuition, the staff decided instead to evacuate. Their decision undoubtedly saved the lives of the 82 students and all 15 staff members. On this day, the tsunami breached the seawall and struck the school.

I could not help but think that many other schools did not escape the unstoppable tsunami, that many more stories had a much more tragic end.

#2 This Arcade Is Now Dark And Empty, With Coin Trays And Paper Littering The Floor

DSC6710 HDR Edit 6048a4df1172a 700

#3 Everywhere You Can See Nature Swallowing Houses And Vehicles, The Things Left Behind When The People Fled

aDSC6718 Edit 6048a4e7ef8fc 700

#4 Although Most Of The Supermarket Is Dark, A Long Skylight Illuminates The Front Of The Store

DSC6523 Edit 6048a50759958 700

#5 The Chevrolet Impala Ss Looks Like It Would Still Run If The Owner Ever Returns

DSC6564 Edit 6048a521cf94e 700

#6 The Air Inside This Abandoned Supermarket Was Musty And Stale

DSC6498 Pano Edit 6048a4ed76820 700

#7 A Japanese Funeral Car, Called A Reikyūsha, Lays Forgotten On An Old Dealership Forecourt

DSC6544 Edit 6048a515af9d1 700

#8 The Arcade Machines Here Featured Anime Designs, Some From My Childhood Favorites

DSC6640 HDR Edit 6048a54284d2d 700

#9 Products And Litter Cover The Floor, The Piles Reach Knee-Height In Some Areas

DSC6508 Edit 6048a4f45f852 700

#10 A Cheeky Nissan Pao Peeks Out From Behind A Small Bush

DSC6565 Edit 6048a527dbf67 700

#11 Another Abandoned Pachinko Hall That I Explored In Fukushima

DSC6530 Edit 6048a50f6041a 700

#12 Sweets And Snacks Still Line The Shelves And Racks, Long Passed Their Sell-By Dates

DSC6510 Edit 6048a4fc4601d 700

#13 Everything On The Shelves Is Covered With Layers Of Dust And Grime

DSC6515 Edit 6048a502260ed 700

#14 Abandoned Shops Are Everywhere, And It Is Forbidden To Approach Them

DSC6634 Edit 6048a53aea304 700

#15 This Abandoned School Was Evacuated Shortly Before The Tsunami Hit, Everyone Escapes Unharmed

DSC6622 HDR Edit 6048a52c5bc96 700

#16 This Abandoned Pachinko Hall Would Once Have Been A Hive Of Activity. Pachinko Is A Popular Japanese Arcade Game

DSC6679 HDR Edit 6048a4d76b552 700

#17 Tarmac Is Cracked And Weeds Grow Everywhere At This Abandoned Car Dealership

DSC6546 Edit 6048a51c625bb 700

#18 As Re-Inhabitation Of Fukushima Begins, Perhaps These Gaming Halls Will Come Back To Life Once More

DSC6675 HDR Edit 6048a54902771 700