Mother drinking alcohol while nursing her child

mother drinking alcohol while nursing her child
mother drinking alcohol while nursing her child

One woman is out of a job and another is facing charges following an incident at restaurant in Conway, Ark. involving a mother drinking alcohol while nursing her child.

Gusanos pizzeria server Jackie Conners says she saw mom Tasha Adams down alcoholic drinks while holding and breastfeeding her baby.

“She picked up her drink and took a drink of it while her baby was breastfeeding,” Conners said.

Waitress fired for calling cops

Waitress fired for calling cops

There are some guidelines regarding breastfeeding while drinking alcohol here [ETA: Here is more info from the Mayo clinic, however, as numerous commenters have pointed out calling moderate alcohol consumption while breastfeeding ‘dangerous’ is unfair.] Conners said she saw the baby get ‘passed around’ as the party consumed alcoholic beverages. She finally called police, who arrested the Adams and charged her with with endangering the welfare of a minor.

This is where things take an even shittier turn. Conners told reporters she was fired for stepping up to do something about the matter. She said she showed up to work the next day and simply was not on the new schedule. Oh, real nice way to tell someone they are out of a job right before the holidays, BTW.

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For their part Gusanos manager William Clark said the restaurant had terminated Conners, but emphasized the call to the cops wasn’t the “main reason,” hahaahaha OK sure. When pressed as to how exactly their staff should handle similar situations, Clark responded “That is something that were discussing with corporate as to how to adhere with that policy.” UGHHHHH.

On the other side of things, Adams said the incident was “blown out of proportion” which never happens to stories on the Internet. Via the Daily Mail:

‘No one is seeing my side. I just want everyone to know I am not a horrible person. I have a family to take care of, and that’s all I care about.’

breastfeeding while drinking alcohol

breastfeeding while drinking alcohol

Adams has her next court date in January; at this time, Arkansas Department of Human Services is offering no comment about the charges against her.

Meanwhile, a single mom who really believed what she was doing was in the best interest of a child is out of a job. Right before the holidays. In this economy. Oh man. Look, can we just stop firing people for shit like this? This blanket zero-tolerance policy for throwing workers to the curb just so you quickly wipe away the problem as it if it never happened in the first place isn’t working for you, Corporate America. People have the Internet now; they can see all the shitty things you do to your workers.

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