Most Hilarious Flat Earth Arguments

Earth is flat

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  • That the UN emblem (which is an “azimuthal, equidistant projection” centered on the North Pole) is an precise map of the Earth. Proof: 1000’s of ships patrol the southern seas to maintain folks away from the sting (and to maintain folks from discovering “the reality”). The gap to circumnavigate Antarctica might simply be checked by a Flat Earth expedition although. The UN map would point out a distance many, many instances longer than the precise distance.
  • That there is no such thing as a South Pole — proof: compasses level solely towards the North Pole.
  • That the oceans are held in by the “ice wall” of the Antarctic. Proof: when you go far sufficient south, you hit ice. Identical is true although when you go far sufficient north.
  • That there is no such thing as a such factor as gravity (as a rock falls on their heads, making them Flatheads). Both there’s some type of common acceleration (into what? ruled by what?) or some type of “electrostatic power.”
  • The solar is simply 3,000 miles away. What retains it up? Who is aware of. Identical with the moon.
  • The sky is a glass dome. Proof: when rockets take off they go straight up after which they curve to keep away from hitting the dome.
  • NASA was based by Nazis. Hmm. One of many issues Nazis explored was the hole Earth “idea.” Guess that one didn’t pan out they usually went flat. Actually, some former German scientists who labored for/with the Nazis did get recruited into the American area program. Wernher von Braun is likely one of the extra well-known ones. That didn’t imply NASA was based by Nazis although.
  • Loopy airplane theories, failure to grasp gravity, nice circles, and so on. One in all my favorites is that if the world had been curved, pilots must frequently modify the pitch of the aircraft to place the nostril right down to keep away from hurtling off into area.
  • One other nice one is questioning why a helicopter can hover and never be hurtled off westward by the spinning Earth or why you’ll be able to bounce up and are available down in the identical place just about and never be swept off to the west, or why Australians don’t fall off the “backside” of the Earth. Absolute failure to grasp gravity and the scale of the Earth in comparison with the scale of people.

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There’s a Fb web page known as “Oh My God Information”. This web page uploaded a video which in contrast measurement of planets and moons of our photo voltaic system. You will discover that video on YouTube too.

Right here is the hyperlink:-Photo voltaic System Dimension Comparability

So that is how the dialog go. Assume ‘A’ to be Flat Earth believer.

A: It’s a lie. There isn’t a different planet on the market. How come we can’t see every other planet? If Earth is definitely rotating how come we solely see solar, star and moon virtually on a regular basis?

B: I can see different planets on a regular basis by a tool known as Telescope.

A: You may solely see moon and stars together with your telescope.

B: I can see the moon completely with no telescope and I can see the solar which is a star with out one too.

A: If the planet is definitely very huge as proven within the video then why do you want telescope? Why do you want telescope to observe different planets when it’s claimed to be greater than the earth.

B: Yeah! You may’t see China from America. However wow! Its alleged to be so huge in comparison with America. As a result of I can’t see China with my bare eye from America it may possibly’t exist or it have to be actually small such as you say.

C: I’ve seen Mars within the sky with no telescope loads of time. You do notice how distant the planets are, proper? Are you a flat earth believer as nicely?

A: These folks lie about every thing. Their claimed Moon rocks had been discovered to be from Devon Island in Canada. Subsequent time seize a photograph and please ship it to me.

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