One Man Spotted Infamous Naruto Running Near Area 51 – “Storm Area 51”

naruto run
naruto run

Thousands of people are expected to conquer Area 51 today. Today we witnessed one of the many to the camera running through the desert as characters from the popular anime series Naruto.

“Storm Area 51, they can not stop all” began as a joke Facebook earlier this year event. “If we run Naruto, we can go faster than their bullets. Lets see foreigners, “the post read. Two million people affected “Want. “There were plans for a music festival called” Alienstock. “But in the months that followed, the creator of the Facebook event condemned the initiative, citing a lack of infrastructure and safety issues, and the event has been deleted. A spokesman for the US Air Force told the Washington Post that Area 51 “is a range of open training for the US Air Force, and we discourage anyone from trying to come to the area where we train US army forces. ”

Today is the date of the event, and according to 13 Action News, Rachel, Nevada, is always prepared to attack foreign truthers and Naruto fans. In the Report Action News 13, a participant has given the world a demonstration of their grain and their dedication to seeing foreigners.

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A young participant clearly Naruto memo, however. When a local news team arrived to report on the scene near the area 51 before the invasion, a child ran behind the journalist with his head down and arms outstretched in Naruto style back. The glorious moment was caught on camera by user Twitter @ MunaNawabit1 who shared the video on the social media site. child genius was quickly recognized by other Twitter users who shared the clip, ensuring that a brief jog the child ran straight in Area 51 record books.