Mama and Her Magic Teeth

Mama grew up over a farm in Depression-era western North Carolina. Money was rare, with little room regarding luxuries like going to the dental professional. She was embarrassed by the girl crooked, wide-gapped teeth together with covered her mouth if she giggled. That and having fun were habits she in no way broke. Thank the good Master for the latter. Her laughing out loud was the medicine of the child years.

That she giggled usually is an understatement. She resided to make people laugh, and she or he was good at it. The lady wanted to smile. The lady wanted other people to giggle. So she had each of her teeth pulled together dentures made when the lady was a young woman. The lady was thrilled with the effects! Mama was so like to show off her new look that the lady smiled brightly for the video camera for the rest of her life.

Once she did slightly computer chip a front tooth. The lady was upset at first, in that case decided the chip manufactured her teeth look additional natural. Her glass, the actual ones holding her pearly whites all night, was always half-full.

Mama didn’t just employ those teeth for grinning and eating. She applied them for pure enjoyment value. They were props with her humor. I’ve yet to find out anyone who could flick their crooked smile out and back thus fast, keeping an otherwise properly straight face. My friends, more than twenty of them, cherished it. They would beg the girl to do it for them. “Show us your teef, Aint Annie!” (That’s right -“Aint Annie.” We kids of the Piedmont region known as our aunts “aint.” So did Mayberry’s Opie and Sheriff Andy The singer who must have thought that was initially just fine for Aint Bee.)

As for teeth-popping, also church wasn’t off-limits. Right now there she usually, and I employ that word loosely, merely used her skill regarding correcting children misbehaving throughout the preaching services. Let quite a few kid get the wiggles over a hard wooden pew together with out those tools associated with correction came, hard and fast. I can not count the number of times We have seen kids slump around their pews, duly chastised and not a little freaked outside.

It was amazing precisely how fast she could take those suckers in-and-out prior to returning to her pious, mindful look, Bible opened together with clasped to her ample mama. Every now and then she got found by adults who invested the rest of the service trying extremely hard not to laugh that crying rolled down their cheekbones. One time she brought across the whole choir. My very poor pastor had to wonder precisely what in the world he had just claimed or thought, “Is our fly open?”

Mama’s been recently gone for twenty-six several years now. She was merely three years older than I am these days when she left all of us. I’d give anything to observe her “stick her teef out” one more time. Then again, I do know I’ll see her yet again someday. She’ll be within a perfect smile, no doubt cutting down celestial choirs if the lady gets half a chance.

Source by Jean S. Shumaker

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