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      • Based in 1948, the official title of North Korea is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The native title for North Korea is Choson-minjujuui-inmin-koughwaguk or Choson (“Land of Morning Calm”).
      • When Japan surrendered to the Allies on August 15, 1945, U.S. president Truman and Soviet chief Stalin agreed that the U.S. would quickly act as trustee for the southern half of Korea and the Soviet Union would act as trustee for the northern half. This non permanent measure grew to become everlasting in 1948 when North Korea declared itself an unbiased sovereign state below a Communist system.
      • Although smaller in dimension, South Korea has a inhabitants greater than double that of North Korea.
      • The phrase Korea, which many imagine Marco Polo took with him to Europe, means “land of excessive mountains and glowing streams.”
      • The DMZ (demilitarized zone) alongside the thirty eighth parallel is essentially the most closely guarded border on the earth.
Because of North Korea’s extreme politics, the country has been isolated from the rest of the world for so long, just look at the satellite imagery that shows the electricity usage
The Soviet Union stopped supplying the nation with electrical energy within the 1990’s and since then they’ve been vitality bankrupt
    • Christmas is a nonevent in North Korea. As a substitute of Christmas celebrations, many North Koreans rejoice the beginning of present president Kim Jong-il’s mom on December 24. North Koreans additionally don’t rejoice Valentine’s Day, however as an alternative rejoice “The Common’s Birthday” on February 16. A well-liked
    • President and DPRK founder Kim Il-sung (1912-1994) was born Kim Track-ju, however took the title Kim Il-sung, which implies “turn into the solar,” in 1935. He was raised Presbyterian, and his grandfather was a Protestant minister.
    • Although the individuals of North and South Korea share one language, one historical past, and one cultural base that reaches again at the very least 5,000 years, 10 million Koreans stay separated from members of the family since 1948 due to the thirty eighth Parallel.
    • Japan and Russia first urged dividing Korea on the thirty eighth parallel in 1896 as a approach to ease tensions between the 2 international locations. Nevertheless, Japan gained management over the whole nation in 1904.
    • The North Korean authorities strictly controls all ranges of schooling. The literacy fee of these aged 15 and older in North Korea is 99%.
    • North Korea has a “Propaganda and Agitation Division” which controls all communication. The federal government bans and jams all international broadcasts, and all radio and tv stations are tuned into authorities broadcasts.
    • North Korea formally worships Kim Jong-il, the defacto chief of North Korea (the official chief continues to be his father, Kim Il-sung, who died in 1994). North Koreans are informed he was born on Mount Paektu, like a legendary god. Russian information present, nevertheless, that he was truly born in Siberia.
    • Kim Jong-il is just 5’ 2’’ tall. He wears four-inch lifts in his footwear to compensate for his quick stature.
    • Kim Jong-il has a set of over 20,000 motion pictures, together with all of the James Bond movies.
    • Kim Il-sung (1912-1994) constructed his personal model of communism known as juche sasang (self-reliance ideology), wherein he combines the theories of Marx and Lenin to North Korean politics. Whereas juche was initially a political ideology, it’s now listed because the world’s tenth largest faith.
    • North Korea has skilled fast deforestation, which has revealed lots of its long-range artillery tubes beforehand hidden by bushes. Deforestation is without doubt one of the main environmental crises going through North Korea.
    • The typical life expectancy of North Koreans is 61 years for males and 66 years for females.
    • As of July 2010, the inhabitants of North Korea was 22,757,275, making it the fiftieth most populated nation on the earth. The USA is the third most populated within the nation on the earth with 310,232,863. China is essentially the most populated nation on the earth, with over 1 billion individuals.
With terrible public transportation and failing infrastructure, soldiers are often seen hitchhiking around town.
The streets of Pyongyang, the international locations capital, are so empty that kids typically play in the course of the streets.
    • North Korea homes the world’s largest flagpole, at 525’ excessive. The flag it holds weighs roughly 600 kilos.
    • North Korea has three Web hosts. The USA has essentially the most on the earth, with 439 million.
    • For years, North Korea has been linked to large shipments of heroin and methamphetamines. In April 2003, the service provider ship Pong Su tried to ship 150 kg of heroin to Australia.
    • After his dying, Kim Il-sung was declared the nation’s “Everlasting President.”
    • There is just one political social gathering in North Korea, the Korean Staff Celebration (KWP). Members of the social gathering should put on a badge of the “Nice Chief” (Kim Il-sung) always.
    • North Korea has the world’s fourth largest navy, boasting greater than 10 million lively personnel. With one in each 25 residents enlisted as a soldier, North Korea has the best share of navy personnel per capita on the earth. In 2001, North Korea spent over $5 billion on its navy, greater than 30% of its nation’s GDP. The U.S. spends about 3.7%.
    • In line with U.S. intelligence, North Korea may shoot a missile able to hanging Alaska, Hawaii, and the American West Coast. North Korea has an estimated 5,000 kilos of organic and chemical weapons.
    • In distinction to South Korea’s per capita GDP of $18,000, North Korea’s GDP is $1,000.
    • Kim Il-sung had a big inoperable calcium progress on his neck that may nonetheless be seen on his embalmed physique, which is on show within the Kumsusan Memorial Palace. Due to its unpleasant look, he was at all times photographed from the left.
    • North Korea is believed to have sufficient plutonium to construct as much as six nuclear weapons and is near changing into a nuclear-armed state. A totally nuclear North Korea may set off an East Asian arms race
    • Army service is required in North Korea and could be fulfilled by a 5-year time period within the military or navy or a 3- to 4-year time period within the air power.
    • Not like within the U.S., the place individuals sit on seesaws, each North and South Koreans stand whereas enjoying the sport.
    • Kim Il-sung Sq. within the Pyongyang  capital is bigger than Crimson Sq. in Moscow.
    • The Tower of the Juche Thought is 558’ tall and was constructed to rejoice Kim Il-sung’s seventieth birthday. The tower is roofed with 25,550 items of stone, one for every day of Kim Il-sung’s life.
    • After extreme flooding in 1995, North Korea suffered a serious famine, wherein the U.S. estimates that between 275,000 and two million individuals died. Greater than 13 million individuals, together with 60% of youngsters in North Korea, nonetheless undergo malnutrition.
    • Sixty to 70% of North Korean defectors who enter China are ladies, and 70-80% of them turn into victims of human trafficking. If the Chinese language authorities catches them, they’re despatched again to Korea, the place they’re pressured into penal colonies or executed. Any Chinese language-fathered infants are executed and any pregnancies are forcibly aborted.
    • North Korean ladies are a serious supply of human trafficking in China. Costs for North Korean ladies in China vary from a number of hundred {dollars} to $2,000. They’re typically bought to farmers or to previous or disabled males.
    • The manjoko (“satisfaction groups”) are made up of younger ladies who obtain coaching in sexual practices to please high-ranking North Korean officers.
    • Ladies in North Korea make up 49% of the work power. Ladies obtain 5 months’ paid maternity go away, and if a lady has three or extra kids, she receives eight hours of pay for six hours of labor per day. Within the Nineties, there have been extra Korean ladies holding authorities positions than there have been American ladies holding comparable positions within the U.S.
    • Opposite to the egalitarian theories of a socialist society, North Korea divides its individuals into three social lessons: the loyal class (prime individuals within the KWP, households of battle heroes), the odd group, and the disloyal class (these with kin who sided with the Japanese earlier than WWII or whose members of the family have escaped North Korea). Folks within the disloyal group are pressured to work in mines or on farms.
    • Newlyweds in North Korea swear loyalty to each Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il. They place a present on the ft of a statue of Kim Il-sung.
North Korea started its own time zone in 2015. Called Pyongyang time, this time zone is not internationally recognized. It's 30 minutes behind all other world clocks.
North Korea began its personal time zone in 2015. Known as Pyongyang time, this time zone shouldn’t be internationally acknowledged. It is half-hour behind all different world clocks.
  • North Korea’s predominant employers are the federal government and the navy.[8]
  • The official forex of North Korea is the gained, from the Chinese language yuan and the Japanese yen. In an try to regulate personal markets in 2009, North Korea revalued the gained by changing 1,000 gained notes with 10 gained notes and strictly limiting the quantity of previous forex that might be used. This transfer successfully destroyed many individuals’s financial savings accounts.
  • North Korea’s leaders have had particular flowers bred of their honor. Kim Il-sung had an orchid, kimilsungia, developed for him by an Indonesian plant professional in 1965. In 1988, a Japanese plant professional introduced a crimson begonia known as the kimjonilia to Kim Jong-il.
  • The North Korean flag was adopted in 1948 and incorporates a crimson star inside a big crimson band and two thinner bands of white and blue on the highest and backside of the flag. The crimson star represents socialism, the crimson band symbolizes revolution, and the small white bands stand for purity, power, and dignity. The blue bands stand for sovereignty, peace, and friendship.
  • The one manner for residents to go away North Korea is by escaping north over the Chinese language or Russian border, by the mine-laden DMZ into South Korea, or by boat to Japan. In 2006, an estimated 40,000-50,000 North Koreans had been believed to be hiding in China. If they’re discovered, the Chinese language authorities returns them to North Korea.
  • The North Korean authorities pays for all well being care, although not too long ago it has suffered a extreme scarcity of medication and medical gear. In some hospitals, cutting-edge gear stays unused as a result of the medical doctors and nurses don’t know how you can use it.
  • The Jikji printing plates are the oldest proof of movable metallic sort printing on the earth. The plates had been used to print books in Cheongju, Korea, in 1377, previous the Gutenberg Bible by 78 years.
  • North Korea measures the passage of years with the juche calendar. On this calendar, yr 1 is 1912, the yr Kim Il-sung was born. The yr 2010 is juche yr 99 and can be written as Juche 99 (2010) or Juche 99, 2010.[8]
  • Since 1972, North Korean Olympic athletes have introduced residence 9 gold, 12 silver, and 17 bronze medals. They’ve excelled in boxing, weightlifting, judo, and wrestling. Certainly one of North Korea’s best Olympic athletes is Kye Solar Hui. In 1996, at age 17, she grew to become the youngest individual to win an Olympic gold medal in judo.
  • North Korean households have a mean of two kids.
  • Regardless that the Armistice Settlement of 1953 ended the preventing within the Korean Warfare, neither North nor South Korea signed the peace treaty; due to this fact, they’re nonetheless formally at battle.
  • North Korea has one of many worst human rights information of any nation. Arbitrary arrests, lack of due course of, and public executions are the norm.
  • North Korea is the final Stalinist state on Earth.
  • North Korea was accepted into the United Nations in 1991.
  • In giant North Korean cities, ladies aren’t allowed to put on pants or trip bicycles. Ladies’s skirts should cowl their knees.
  • North Korea has a lot of the Korean Peninsula’s mineral assets, equivalent to high-grade iron ore deposits, anthracite coal, lignite coal, phosphate rock tungsten, lead, gold, silver, and copper.
  • In North Korea, there may be one physician for each 700 individuals and one hospital mattress for each 350 individuals. The toddler mortality fee is 51.34/1,000.
  • North Korea is ranked second to final on the World Press Freedom Index. (Eritrea is final.)
  • The very best level in North Korea is Mount Paektu (“Mount of Everlasting Snow”) at 9,003 ft (2,744 meters). The mountain is sacred to all Koreans and, based on legend, it’s the birthplace of Korean civilization.
  • North Korean defectors have described the existence of jail camps, the place torture, rape, pressured abortions and infanticide, pressured labor, and medical experimentation have taken place.
  • North Korea calls the Korean Warfare the Fatherland Liberation Warfare, whereas the US calls it the Forgotten Warfare or Unknown Warfare. South Korea calls it the 6-2-5 Warfare (yuk-i-o jeonjaeng), which refers to its June 5 beginning date.

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