Lack of Intelligence – Quotes about stupidity

stupid woman

It is a little bit incorrect to say a tomato is a vegetable; it is so much incorrect to say it is a suspension bridge. – Sheldon Cooper

The Spiritual Proper. By no means underestimate the ability of silly folks in giant teams. – unknown

Human beings, who’re virtually distinctive in being able to be taught from the expertise of others, are additionally exceptional for his or her obvious disinclination to take action. – Douglas Adams (1952-2001)

It’s tough to get a person to know one thing when his wage is determined by his not understanding it. – Upton Sinclair

Clever males speak as a result of they’ve one thing to say; fools, as a result of they need to say one thing. – Plato

There may be nothing extra frightful than ignorance in motion. – Goethe

‘Tis higher to stay silent and be thought a idiot, than open one’s mouth and take away all doubt. – Samuel Johnson

A terrific many open minds ought to be closed for repairs. – Toledo Blade

A terrific many individuals suppose they’re pondering when they’re merely rearranging their prejudices. – William James

No person ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence or style of the American public. – HL Mencken and/or PT Barnum

By no means attribute to malice what may be adequately defined by stupidity. – Nick Diamos

Solely two issues are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am undecided concerning the former. – Albert Einstein

By no means argue with a idiot, folks won’t know the distinction. – unknown

Any fool can make a rule, and any idiot will thoughts it. – Henry David Thoreau

Nothing in all of the world is extra harmful than honest ignorance and conscientious stupidity. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’ve nice religion in fools; My associates name it self-confidence. – Edgar Allen Poe

The 2 most typical issues within the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. – Frank Zappa

Stupidity has a sure appeal — ignorance doesn’t. – Frank Zappa

The subsequent time I ship a rattling idiot on an errand, I am going to go myself. – Dan Stole

Blessed is the person who, having nothing to remain, abstains from giving us worthy proof of the actual fact. – George Eliot

Why do most individuals suppose their very own impoverished lives have to be the norm of the universe? – Poul Anderson

Dullard: Somebody who appears to be like up a factor within the encyclopedia, turns on to the entry, reads it, after which closes the e book. – Philip Jose Farmer

A sure mixture of incompetence and indifference could cause virtually as a lot struggling as essentially the most acute malevolence. – Bruce Catton, A Stillness at Appomattox, (1953)

A person didn’t perceive how televisions work, and was satisfied that there have to be a lot of little males contained in the field, manipulating photos at excessive pace. An engineer defined about high-frequency modulations of the electromagnetic spectrum, transmitters and receivers, amplifiers and cathode ray tubes, scan strains shifting throughout and down a phosphorescent display. The person listened to the engineer with cautious consideration, nodding his head at each step of the argument. On the finish he pronounced himself happy. He actually did now perceive how televisions work. “However I count on there are only a few little males in there, aren’t there?” — Douglas Adams

Any sufficiently superior incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.

Each absurdity has a champion to defend it.

Everyone seems to be entitled to be silly, however some abuse the privilege.

Lottery: A tax on people who find themselves dangerous at math.

It has been stated that 1000’s of monkeys banging on keyboards would produce the whole works of Shakespeare. The internet has proven this to be untrue.

You’ll be able to idiot too most of the folks an excessive amount of of the time. – James Thurber

Some drink deeply from the river of data. Others solely gargle. — Woody Allen


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